The Chennai Chapter Meeting Report Held on 16.02.2014

The Chennai chapter
meeting held on 16th, were attended by 8 pws including one new.
I have invited one guest
to validate our speeches.
He is Mr.Jagadeesan (70 y),
retired Addl.Secreatary (Home), Govt of Tamil Nadu and former Advisor (HR) to Chennai
Metro Rail Ltd. When he was additional secretary, he was looking after the
service matters of all the top ranked police officials including DGPs, IGs etc.
A highly knowledgeable person in all subjects.
When the meeting about to
commence, Mr.Jagadeesan also came and joined. I requested him to validate each
pws. He took 15 minutes for each pws, encouraged everyone while speaking. The most
important thing was though two pws blocked severely while speaking, he always
looked at them with smiling face and encouraging words. I saw only Dr.Sachin in
such a state of affairs.
I requested him to find
fault with each pws, but he never did that. Instead he encouraged everyone with
positive speech citing various examples he experienced in his personal life.
By and large a positive meeting
and everyone had enjoyed it.

That’s all from Chennai chapter.
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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Yes, we all need a lot of encouragement..


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