Report on Comm WS at Pune in Feb 2014

We had 12 participants during the workshop held at Pune from Feb 15 to 16. Ten participants were from Pune, one from Hyderabad, and one from Kanpur.

This was an excellent opportunity to all of us having two days of workshop organized by TISA. Below was the schedule for two days to learn key recovery techniques:

Day 1: Acceptance, Bouncing, Prolongation, Voluntary Stammering, Public Speaking in Garden. 
Day 2: Block Correction Techniques, Voluntary Stammering in railway station and train. 

Here are some great videos of the workshop:
1. Communication Workshop Slideshow:

2. Best Role Play of the lot:
3. All Fun during Prolongation Exercise:
4. Speaking out at the garden:

Thank You.
TISA (The Indian Stammering Association) 

Participant Feedback
Participant from Kanpur (Navneet): Sir,the concept of tisa has changed my thought completely, now i m ready face his  world,n in kanpur i wl find contact some stammers n ready to apply these tricks.THANK’s from heart.

Participant from Hyderabad (Eshwar):” I have traveled all the way to Pune for the workshop, and trust me! it is the best experience i ever had!! I got to meet and spend two days with pws, which was really amazing. The presence of many experienced and inspiring personalities and spending time with them really helped me a lot. i learned many new things and i’m not exaggerating when i say that, my attitude towards stammering is now changed after the workshop. Virendra sir and Vivek bro were really amazing and the way they organized the workshop is of top notch. There is still loads to learn and practice. I look forward to be a part of many such events. Thank you TISA”

Participant from Pune (Amol): The 2 days were best days of my life.Each member was awesome.I enjoyed a lot.All activities were exciting.The mental baggage of stammering has reduced to large extent.

Participant from Pune (Vishal):  Sir,It was the 1st workshop 4 me. This workshop gave a sudden change to my life.It was the great & most unforgettable moments in my life. It was simply  unimaginable to me. I had never thought in my dream also. The concept of workshop is very great..My life was change, my view towards stammering is totally changed. Now I am very confident about myself.These 2 days gave a big boost to my life.I really v v very thankful to whole team of TISA workshop, especially VIRENDRA sir. Sir, I got new birth…it’s bcoz of you only.

Workshop Report Card in Detail

Day 1 began with introduction of participants. After having warmup on bum game, we started with acceptance and importance of it for a PWS. We learnt bouncing techniques before lunch. We had good round of practice. In the afternoon we learnt prolongation and had very good rounds of practice. Only after we all were comfortable on these two techniques we went to garden to practice voluntary stammering. We stood on a wall and accepted our stammering in public. Some people were watching from far. After this round we talked to these people and explained what we were doing.We had very good participation from public also on this front. At the day 1 end, we had fast round of questions to put a person in a block, but all of us shown smartness and did not had any obvious blocks. We ended day 1 on having dinner by practicing pausing technique.

Day 2, we started with playing the videos of Dr Sachin on bouncing and prolongation. Post this all of us learnt the 3 block correction techniques. In afternoon we went to railway station, where we met one senior PWS who had been to Pune SHG, where he agreed to come to SHG meeting regularly. In station till the train arrives we talked to many people and explained about the stammering. During our train journey we had great time with people as many us were able to connect and make them understand about stammering. Many people took our phone numbers. We also shared our site in each meeting. While returning again we had good time to talk to public on station and then in train as well. VOLUNTARY STAMMERING IN TRAIN IS LIKED BY ALL OF US, AS IT HAS HELPED US TO OPEN TO PUBLIC AND ACCEPT STAMMERING.

After returning to workshop hall, we practiced block correction techniques, again.

Cost of the workshop: There was no fees charged to attend the workshop. We spent Rs.300 each on lunch and dinner during the workshop. 


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow …
    Simply wonderful..
    I am sure new participants realise that MARATHON begins now and continues for at least nine months from now..
    They must keep on practicing and keeping in touch with each other ..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    The 2 days were best days of my life.Each member was awesome.I enjoyed a lot.All activities were exciting.The mental baggage of stammering has reduced to large extent.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Great initiative.

  4. admin 6 years ago

    It has been great experience to have an opportunity to facilitate the workshop for the first time on a topic very close to my heart. Thanks to Vivek for facilitating and helping to the team. We really enjoyed and learnt the techniques in-depth. Getting attention of entire public in train coach was the moment of the workshop for me, which I repeated multiple times.

  5. admin 6 years ago

    Really great. This way only we can create more awareness among public.Hats off to the entire members and to Virendra and Vivek in particular.

  6. vivek singh 6 years ago

    Thank You Manimaran Sir! This was an amazing experience for us too.

  7. vivek singh 6 years ago

    Thanks Virendra Sir! Without your help this workshop wouldn't have been possible.

  8. Mits 6 years ago

    This was my 2nd workshop and I really had great time. I have enjoyed doing all the activities with PSWs and where we have learned, shared, experienced the things together. It was like day has gone so fast…..I thank to Virendraji for organizing and taking the lead…. New workshop like this in future will be great….

  9. Rahil 6 years ago

    It is indeed a pleasure attending TISA workshop. This is my third workshop and everytime i have so much to learn.
    Train exercise and talking to strangers was always difficult for me, but not now after attending the workshop.
    Looking forwards for more workshops like this.


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