I have noticed that some of this group members are practicing 15min and 30min only. Few others are practicing two techniques one after another. Both are not correct and will not give desired results.

First let us understand about stammering in depth. During our childhood, it started as t neurological one.    That’
s why even though we didn’t had any fear or shame when we were kids, we stammered.

After we grown up and became older & older, fear and shame occupied in our mind & the stammering become more of a psychological one. 

But the small part of neurological  problem is still with us. Pl understand that any problem in our body occurs due to neurological, could not be cured but can be controlled  only with the help of medicine or exercises. 

Because stammering is due to neurological (even a very small part) one, we need to do some kind of exercises regularly like speech therapy, slow reading, breathing exercises etc to control it.

Here everyone must understand one important thing. Since the stammerers are always under constant stress, tension & depression, their mind emotional level is always higher than that of a normal person. Hence stammerers need more time for any exercises that calm down their mind than the time  required required by a normal person. 

Hence continuously practicing one technique at a time  for a longer period  will give desired results. If not possible to do one hour, at least do 30 min continuously. This is not applicable for breathing exercise and doing yoga. For these two, you have to consult your Guru.

I suggest you to try for at least one day and observed the results your self. 


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