Yes. One pws by name Surendran, conquered 99% of his stammering through speech therapy. Myself and Surendran attended a speech therapy course in the year 2001. The speech therapy course was of 5 days duration and all the 20 pws had to stay in a lodge. We were not allowed to go outside for the all 5 days.

After the speech therapy course, the Master told everyone to practice for one hour both in the mornings and in the evenings till they overcome their problem. I practiced sincerely for the first 6 months and stopped for 15 days owning to illness. After that I started stammering very badly. Since there was no TISA, no mobiles or internet those days and also no one to MOTIVATE me, I totally discontinued practicing. ( For the past one month, I started practicing again as per Tarak’s advice and now I am able to speak fairly well)

 But I used to have contact with Surendran though not regular. Surendran is a civil Engineer, but looking after his family business at Madurai now. I called him yesterday (17.01.2014) as a courtesy call after pongal festival. I told him about my voluntary retirement from Govt services, opening of TISA Chennai centre and also about whatsapp group. We had talked about 15 minutes. To my surprise, he never stammered at all even on one single word. I asked for the reason about his stammer-free speech.

Surendran told that after attending course in the year 2001, he practiced one hr in the morning and one hr in the evening for the next 2 years. In those days, even when he was happened to stay in a lodge due to business trips, he never forgot to practice. Sometimes, he practiced in the verandah halls of lodges also. Then after 2 years, he practiced one hour in the morning in the next one year and  ½ an hour in the 4th year. By that time, he started talking well and he stopped practicing speech therapy in the year 2005. Since then he was speaking well till now without any practicing. When I asked whether he has 100% come out of stammering and also from internal fear, he replied that he has no fear at all due to (past) stammering but stammering  little bit when he got angry.

Now he told that because of his improved speech, he has able to improve his business also. Really a VERY VERY hard work done by Surendran and HATS OFF to him. I posted his experience to this group to understand other pws what is the real meaning of HARD WORK.
Though Surendran doSn’t want any practice or joining to any group to overcome his stammering, based on my request he agreed to join in our whatsapp group to motivate other pws. Thanks to Surendran for agreeing to join in this group.
I request all the pws to have Surendran as their  role model and conquer their  99% stammering by making use of his advises.
Now all the pws of this group understand clearly what is HARD WORK. Now it is up to the individual pws.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker