We have already seen the difference between conscious and subconscious minds. Those who joined recently read that earlier post again. We learned that conscious mind is having analyzing capacity whereas the subconscious mind doesn’t. The subconscious mind will store all the belief systems as it is (right or wrong) that was analyzed  by conscious mind. Subconscious mind is a powerful one. Once a belief system entered into it, the subconscious mind would not allow erasing it easily even conscious mind now tells to it that “Now I learned that I put a wrong belief system on you long back and I wanted to correct it now”. The conscious mind has to substantiate it with  reasoning  and also has to practically convince subconscious mind to agree for it.

Likewise, at our younger age due to lack of proper knowledge about stammering and proper guidance, the conscious mind of a PWS mistakenly made believed the subconscious mind that he could speak with stammering only. Since this wrong belief was put into the subconscious mind over many years, the subconscious firmly believes that a PWS cannot speak normally and will not allow easily to erase it.

Then, what is the solution for this? As said earlier, a PWS conscious mind has to convince to his subconscious mind with logical reasoning that he can speak normally now.

How to convince a PWS subconscious mind?. For this, his conscious mind has first convince itself that  “ After joining TISA and after practicing techniques, my speech is improving day by day”.  To achieve, the PWS has to work hard, improve his speech and gain confidence day by day.

After gaining some confidence, the PWS conscious mind has to talk to the subconscious mind like this “ Dear subconscious mind, I wrongly put a belief system on you when I was young that I could  speak with stammering only. Now after joining TISA and whatsapp group, I am practicing every day and will be able to speak well in one year time (Specifying time is the most important). The PWS can talk to his subconscious mind as many times as possible.

If any PWS do like this sincerely, he can easily control his stammering to the extent of 98-99%.
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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Manimaran sir, thanks for these post.
    I want to add few lines (but others are free to accept or reject it)

    anyone can give command to his subconscious mind directly. No need of mediator (conscious mind). And if we are using mediator , it will take more time to reach command to Sub-conscious mind through conscious mind.
    But if somebody have learnt to command Sub-conscious mind DIRECTLY, than 1 hr work can be finished in just 10minutes.
    One problem:
    conscious mind understand word & scripts. But……… Sub-conscious mind do NOT understand WORDS OR SCRIPTS.
    Sub-conscious mind understand feelings, emotions and commands in "MOVING PICTURES".
    And if speech related program of Sub-conscious mind changed, Sub-conscious mind can un-block & regenerate neurons also like wound & fracture heals automatically , doctors gives medicine, just to curb infection. Rest repairing program is in Sub-conscious mind. Like this, By giving commands to Sub-conscious mind, one can run program of neuron repair also. it is also very simple process.


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