Dr.Sachin stammering for a cause!!!

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This is Dr.Sachin srivastav entertaining people sitting in Herbertpur christian hospital by cracking some jokes on stammering and creating awareness in people about stammering.

I enjoyed shooting the video, Dr.Sachin enjoyed cracking the jokes, the audience enjoyed listening to the jokes and I am sure PWS will enjoy seeing it.


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow – Kapil and Shakti have competition now.. and I have an alternative career…!

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Nice jokes sir…

  3. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Amit.. I believe that HUMOR is a good therapeutic tool which has been ignored by mainstream therapists… To be able to laugh at your own stammering and making others laugh – is the final milestone in our long path to recovery.. Actualy I was trying to encourage Ashish to go down this path.. and he too did it very well. He shared many haryanvi jokes – about stammering – of all things! I think he is over the hump..

  4. admin 6 years ago

    Though I could not understand the contents what Sachin had spoken. But I understood his body language and his voluntary stammering very well. If every pws got atleast 50% this courage, almost 90% of his problems will be solved.


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