Gabbar,Sambha and 3 stammerers!!! he he he

Gabbar- Sambha, how many people are there!!!

Sambha- Only three my don (Gabbar).

Gabbar- Only three?  Such a big OPD hall of lehman hospital with 100 chairs and just 3 stammerers???  BAHUT  NA-INSAFI HAI  (it is very injustice)

Gabbar- You see…these 3 guys have committed a stupid crime of hiding their stammering.Stupid because by doing so, they have hurt themselves the most.They have tried to put un-necessary hurdles in their natural flow of speaking and make it a difficult task for themselves to speak and the listener to understand to.Give me the address of that idiot who have said that stammerers are used to be intelligent persons.Is this a display of intelligence at all that you are hurting yourself by such silly mistakes?

Sambha- But my don, I am confused why these guys have done this stupid crime of hurting themselves?  Why they need to hide stammering? As I can see….they appears so exhausted and tired only after a few minutes of talking and even when they were speaking, they looked so tensed.I have never been to anything beyond primary school but I can see it very clearly, so can’t these guys….. that specky one is an engineer…can’t he observed that he is doing something wrong.

Gabbar- Very intelligent Sambha….this is why you are working with me and these 3 dumb young guys are here convicted…he he he

Sambha- My pleasure my don!!!  SO, what we are going to do with them.Are we going to give them some harsh punishment…as sambha looks at the puppet faces of those guys.

Gabbar- No sambha…they have alredy suffered a lot, thanks to their own karma….so lets give them a punishment which they can convert into their own benefit too…if they are really intelligent and have some brains..Don paves a mysterious smile to sambha with those big yellow teeth revealing all together.

Sambha- Well, my don…I am not as intelligent as you are…I failed twice in Vth standard while you failed thrice in VIIIth….so please show some pity and explain it to me in simple words….Sambha pouring buckets of flattery for his don to make him happy.

Gabbar- You less minded man…as their crime is to hide their stammer, so, I am going to ask them to stammer openly and voluntarily in this empty hall.By doing so, they will lessen their negative feeling about stammering too, hence, lesser hurdles in their natural speak and hence lesser struggle.So this is a punishment for their own benefits only….Don passes a winning smile….

Sambha- Oh yes my don!!! You are just awesome……long live my don!!!

Sambha quickly passed this message to those 3 stammerers and with no other option left, they started talking to each other loudly and trying not to suppress those moments of stammering.

They were asked to debate on prospects of various political parties in upcoming general elections in India….debate because generally stammerers struggle more during debates.

Aloud because speaking loudly lessen stammering….debate because it gives confidence to stammerers…seems that Don was a very good speech therapist although he doesn’t own any such degree. Sambha realized that don is very good in treating stammerers…..he got a doubt for one second that this Don might also be stammering before joining this profession of dacait.But he couldn’t gather the courage to ask as he still wanted to live few more years..

Seeing the guys abiding to their verdict sincerely, Don and sambha left the place quietly.

So, amitabh and dharam paji might had fought his before,but, Gabbar is not really that bad…isn’t it?

P.S.– This is a very simple report of SHT meet @ herbertpur dated 9 Mar’2014 attended by Ashish,sushil and mukarram….   he he he he


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Man, you are FUNNY..
    I can see Gabbar smiling..
    Gabbar khush hua!

  2. admin 6 years ago

    My pleasure,SARDAAR~~~

  3. admin 6 years ago

    very nice ashish , what a comparison between shg and gabber gang 🙂


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