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Timeline:10.30AM-1.45PM 30-3-2014
Venue: Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

The attendees were Manoj, Naman, Abhinav, Akash, Pramod, Nishil, Anna, and Anshuman.
The activities are as follows,

Calm the mind: The foremost activity of the meet was to relax our mind and body though meditation, after half hour of meditation we started our agenda for the day with Reading.
Reading: As the one thing we can practice daily reading boosts the confidence in our speech .It reminds us of the necessary clarity in speech we need to develop to keep the rest engrossed. The topics on self motivation served as a catalyst and  kept all of us hooked.
Mock interviews: The continuation of mock interviews from previous week helped all of us to understand our weakness and strength while giving interviews, kudos to the interviewer panel and the audience for their honest feedback without which improvement would not be possible.

Role play : 
After the interview all were pumped up for more action and that was exactly what abhinav planned giving a courtroom role play , Pramod as the accused , Naman as the public prosecutor,Anshuman as the defence lawyer and anna as the Judge. It turned out to be thoroughly entertaining though the case was adjourned indefinitely :).

Lets shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The final activity was unusually-interesting to say the least, shouting about your favourite things on top of your voice when you know you are being looked at in a public place. Cubbon Park provided ample space for this unique experience , once the initial stage of awkwardness passed , it felt really good to be able to shout in public space without holding back. I bet we provided good entertainment to the crowd around us J. The meet ended at 1.45 and we left for our respective homes.
Next week we plan to visit Chennai , meet Chennai SHG and have lots of fun. Hoping to see lots of familiar and new faces in Chennai.

To contact Bangalore SHG get in touch with Abhinav or Karthik : 
 abhinav dot foss at gmail dot com  PH:9538973341


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Entertain the crowds and get healed..nice approach! That shouting activity must have been quite liberating for many..


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