Synopsis of last 60 odd days @ herbertpur

I am at herbertpur since some 60 odd days.I had been thinking to perform this feat since last couple of years actually.And, finally I accomplish it.

If I look aback and summarize what awesome experiences I have encountered in these days and What are my tangible and intangible learning, then I would need to scratch my head a bit and here I get some hairs and some points to write down as well :-

1. First of all,Stammering is not an issue with an instruction manual that you can follow and get out of it.It is not wise to be over-emotional and start fighting stammering leaving everything else aside.we need to concentrate on moving FORWARD in life.We need to focus on our target; our strengths and should work on our stammering in a integral way where improvement in communication should be a hand to hand process on the way to achieve the big thing in life.

2. The main problem in my life is not stammering or any other thing visible on surface, but, my attitude and restlessness.For example,  a couple always keeps on wishing to meet each other when distant from each other & when they get the chance to stay together for some time, then they will be busy worrying about the problems they are going to face after separation.So, I need to learn the art of living, i.e. Live in this moment and be happy.I think, this inappropriate approach and mindset is creating all the troubles in my life.And, this is a big achievement of this vacation here in herbertpur that I realized it.

I was thinking for such a vacation since a long time and explore various ideas in life and when I got it, I am losing all the enthusiasm so early.Hence, to have patience and illustration of mature stable approach towards life and all related issues is the most important learning for me of this short tenure at herbertpur.

3. I have met people who are doing all those things with stammering which I used to consider almost close to impossible feats for stammerers.So, it is only attitude that matters and stammering is blamed falsely.

 It needs a lot of perseverance to take a firm stand for your dreams and your big thing in life.You will need to resist pressure from people and situations and keep moving towards that big thing. Life was never a cake walk and will never be a cake walk for anyone in this world and I am no exception.So, will all the imperfections, I can achieve what I want with strong determination and positive attitude.

4. ACCEPTANCE – Accept everything.I have learnt a lot about people’s psychology, their behaviors, their typical mindset for money and how people will always give surprises to you.The person whom you rely most will disappoint you brutally while someone who have never been on your performers list will prove the key player at the end.

  Here also, I came to know after discussing all these things with my dear ones that they had already experienced all these things in lives with higher impact and hence, again I found that I am no special.

5. I am just an infinitesimal human being and nothing extraordinary is happening to me.I have met, seen from distance and read about on internet about a lots of people who have faced and are facing far more challenging things in life than me.Hence, there is no need to over -react and there is a strong requirement of showing some willpower and guts to face everything and rise because thousands of people had done in past and millions are doing and getting succeeded every day.



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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Heartfelt and honest..
    Keep at it.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Great post Ashish. Your writing skill also improved a lot.

  3. abhishek 6 years ago

    Congrats Ashish :).Are you still at Herbertpur?

  4. admin 6 years ago

    A very honest assessment.i personally feel that all the effort need to target conflict b/w 'stuttering self' and 'fluent self'
    lesser the this conflict greater is the ease and acceptance.

  5. Dhruv Gupta 6 years ago

    Wonderful thoughts… 🙂


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