Recovery from Stammering: A Series of simple Steps: First is Acceptance

We have been always looking for solutions from someone to recover from stammering, here are some simple steps you can take. I am starting with acceptance. Next week I will write about the next technique. Accept that you stammer. What does this mean really when you really know that you stammer and ready to accept it. Acceptance is most difficult and also most simple solution on recovery. So here are some steps you can take on acceptance depending upon how you would like take it on the priority.

  • Diary writing: Buy a diary / notebook which you can carry. Or use your smartphone to record. So record your true feelings in the diary without any deviation. Like I feel it today frustrated, depressed because of this xyz instance. This will help you to transfer your emotions in the diary. Then you can forget it completely. Also on other day, you feel great write those feelings as well, any emotions of high level are not good for stammerer. 
  • Write on blog.  Write how your day has gone on a particular day in a blog. Share your pains, success stories to others. Moment you write all your frustrations you will go out.
  • Join the whats app group: We have many whats app group lead Mani sir, join one of those and share it with them in a group.
  • Talk to other PWS: Find the people you know who stammer, call them and tell them about your feelings on stammering. 
  • Talk to non stammerer friends: Find your close people whom you can trust and share your feelings with them regularly. 
  • Record and upload on YouTube/whats app group: Whatever you feel share on large group, all your fatigue will go away instantly. 
  • Email to your non stammerer friends: Just for trial, write an email to your friends about your stammering and see what they feel about it. You will be surprised on their response.
  • Talk to your colleagues/boss: Similarly talk in office / college to your peers, bosses and let them know what pain you go through because of the speech. Again you will be surprised 100% with their responses. It is we and we only feel the pain on it others don’t care damn about it as everybody has 1000 reasons to worry for their own problems. 
  • Talk to your TISA role models: Do you find anyone who has overcome stammering in TISA, then talk to them. There are plenty of people who have benefited from selfless service of TISA till now. So get their email addresses / phone numbers and call them regularly. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

5 thoughts on “Recovery from Stammering: A Series of simple Steps: First is Acceptance


    (April 12, 2014 - 5:17 pm)

    Virendra, Very true. Thanks for sharing this.


    (April 13, 2014 - 5:03 am)

    Right on dot, you are, Virendra! Congrats! Keep sharing..


    (April 13, 2014 - 7:27 am)

    very simple, simple tips given by Virendra. If everyone follows these tips, there is no reason why they can't overcome their stammering.
    I would like to add one more thing here.
    " Doing small , small things regularly over a longer period of time is the toughest one"
    But we also know "no pain;no gain" and "more pain;more gain".
    So the choice is left to the individuals.


    (April 14, 2014 - 11:22 am)

    thanks Virendra ji for sharing it.
    for new Tisa members these small tips are very much effective who have not joined or joined 1-2 workshops or shg.

    for old members , who are in Tisa more then 2-3years or attended more then 2-3 workshop, there is another higher level of acceptance – use bouncing or prolongation techniques in daily life with all (family members , friends ,colleagues or unknown persons) as much as possible.

    one example – one 2-3 year experienced Tisa member attended workshop and got over-motivated and he told to his all colleagues that he is a stammerer.
    After 1 month I phoned him , now you accepted , have you got any improvement in speech. His reply was -"NO"
    So it is more better and steady process to use techniques during speaking . like during phone call, pws can say Hello with 2-3 bouncing and daily pws can wish to boss or colleagues – good morning with bouncing or prolongation.


    (April 16, 2014 - 5:53 am)

    Very well said Mr. Virender. Acceptance is the only first step on the path to the recovery. Without this we cannot jump to the second step.
    I also recommend a book to be read — 'First step is the last step' by J. Krishnamurty.

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