Job Opportunity in Delhi NCR !!

Dear All,

A few days ago our Delhi SHG member Mr. Pawas Anand informed me that one of his friend is starting an eCommerce startup (Online Shopping Company) and he has a job opening in his startup. Pawas sir specially insisted that he wants someone form our TISA family to grab this opportunity.

I can tell you with my own experience that working in a startup is a huge opportunity to learn and grow by leaps and bounds. The details are as follows:

Job Description: To handle the admin part of the online portal and manage the inventory and sales accounts. He/she should be very handy in using internet and googling. Moreover, he/she must have the ability to learn fast.  
Minimum Qualification: Graduate. He/she must be good in MS Excel and has some basic internet skills.

Job Location: Delhi NCR only

Salary: 15k (Negotiable depending on the candidate’s experience and personal qualities)

Time of Joining: ASAP (Please take this as very urgent.)

Anyone who is interested, please send your resume to cc me to with my reference in it.

If you have any confusion please feel free to ask.

Best regards
Pramendra S. Bundela
: +91 7727935957


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  1. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Any takers yet?
    One reason could be- not many people realise the great joys of working in a startup – they know only of the RISK! and therefore keep away from such opportunities of GROWTH..
    It would help if Pramendra will share in detail, his journey through his startup experiences..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Guys come on..someone take it Kamal said..their is nothing like working for a start up..and making it big..i myself have worked for a few of them Cafe Coffee day being one ..which is a giant now..

    Go for it…and make a giant out of yourself…!!!


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