News from Bangalore…………. Renewed Strength

Venue: Cubbon Park,Bangalore.


The day was warm , the air in and around cubbon park was filled with enthusiasm.People were joggiing ,cycling.The TCS 10 k run was just winding up. All joggers were leaving the park after their 5k/10k journey.

Amidst all these events our small group gathered in the heart of cubbon park. We had Lohith, Dinesh,Anupum, Shamail, Abhinav and myself Nishil.

Introductions: We had couple of new members joining our TISA , I warmly welcome Shamail and Anupum to our TISA family. We had a round of introductions and the expectations of the new members as what they expect out of these meetups. Then we all shared our stories and links with Tisa.

Past Experience:It feels good to unburden ourselves from the nagging thoughts in our mind by sharing it with friends. This activity helped us to know each other much better and relieve the weight in our and others mind.

Cracking jokes:We had a fun activity presenting jokes , thought our punch line timings were way off the hooks. Our jittery sounds crackled us up nevertheless.

Reading:Before it was time to wrap up we decided to try our mettle by reading our aloud from “Apna Hath Jagannath”. Its always a pleasure to read this book which reminds us the practice we need to overcome our limitations and sets us on the right path.

Bypassers noticed a stray snake slithering past our hut and alarmed us. We got a good scare till we located the snake and found that its trajectory had moved away from us. Good grief most of us are still very Young!!!!

We wrapped up our day with a resolution to train ourselves intensively on prepared speeches for the next three months and will work on it to become good orators.

To contact Bangalore SHG:
Abhinav:    abhinav dot foss@gmail dot com


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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “News from Bangalore…………. Renewed Strength


    (May 20, 2014 - 1:50 am)

    These are small steps leading to a big marathon..
    Ever thought of reaching out to other pws thru their HR in local it companies? Email – then visit as a group? Could be a challenge as well as lot of fun….

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