Bangalore weekly …….. Tisa family grows bigger each week.

Men make history and not the other way around.

Venue: Cubbon Park
Crew details:
 From Top Row Left: Naman, Denzan , Saravana ,Javed , Shamail , Vishnu,
 Gound Zero Left : Nishil,Abhinav,Anupam.

We had a good knowledge sharing by our new joiners Javed and Saravana who had recently attended an stammering cure course. As we had experienced and read so often in our blogs the result was not completely satisfactory for them.
Next we had a formal introduction round as we had new members amongst us.

We started the activities with reading “Apna hath Jagannath” chapter 6  and practised belly breathing in the spacious hut we occupied in cubbon Park. When we finished reading we had covered the next chapter of Pausing too. We had a good discussion on pausing and improving our communication skills in listening. The one thing that stood out in the chapters was that 90% of the communication happens when we listen intently.

Jokes: We shared jokes to lighten the mood up after an intensive reading session

GD: How does the social media affects us – Advantages and Disadvantages (overuse misuse)

The positives that came out were
– Finding long lost friends became easier.
– Easier to develop your network.
– Knowledge sharing becomes much easier.
– Marketing, searching Jobs and opportunities are in abundance.

The negatives
– Less face to face communication and more of passive texting (watsapp)
– Friends using mobiles without talking with each other when they are together.
– Wasting excess time on facebook/twitter without gaining anything in return.
      “It is named the “Web” for good reason.” 
                                                                                          ― David Foster Wallace
– The cherished moments are no longer in meeting, but uploading pics that we met :(.

Stutterers-avoid calls and simply text ( one of the causes of avoidance ) – I just remembered this Tch… could have been a good point in debate  :).

At-last we came to a conclusion that though the use of social media provides us much opportunities we need to get our priorities right and use them as a tool .

Once again we welcome New Joiners: Javed, Saravana ,Vishnu to our TISA family.

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow- great meeting. Welcome to new members of this growing family.. Very happyto seethat AHJ is coming handy..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Yes Sir, AHJ with its examples has helped us a lot in our meetings and each time we read it it inspires us.
    Thanks to you for the wonderful book.


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