Stuttering mindset and Fluency

I’ve observed that to get rid of stuttering mindset is the real deal.Otherwise, you might be fluent for a a few days or even a few decades and one day, suddenly you will stutter enough and immediately all the hidden fears buried deep inside your mind under thick bandages of speech techniques will pop out like anything and they will start haunting your days and nights like never before.

So, to accept whole heartedly that stuttering will be with me, but, yes, it depends upon me whether I wants to make it a friend or enemy.Making a friend by accepting it completely and making peace with it will make sure it will not bother me ever and will not be a hurdle in expressing myself.And, quite similarly, making fighting it and making it a life long enemy will lead to extinction of peace,love and satisfaction from our lives for ever.

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Rightly said…


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