Mumbai SHG – Minutes Of Meeting – 8th June 2014

Hi guys,

The meeting started at 1.50 pm with the welcome speech by the Meeting Manager Srinivas Basutkar, who then asked the facilitator of the meeting Jayesh Foka to take over. The facilitator introduced himself and the theme of the meeting and then asked each of the role players to introduce themselves and their roles.

After this was the prepared speeches session. The speakers Janahvi Deore, Kaushal Kanojia and Jayesh Foka gave some wonderful speeches.

After this started was the Learning session which was led by Srinivas Basutkar. The theme of the session was “Introduction to EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)”. We learnt about the various points on our body which when tapped relaxes our speech mechanism. It was new for most of us and a great learning one 🙂

After this was the Extempore session which was led by Kevin D’Souza. The theme was “Emotional EXperiences”. The speakers shared their emotions and their story on some nice topics(which will be shared on the Mumbai SHG Youtube channel).

Finally, the role players evaluated the speeches of all the speakers. The role booking for the next week was done by Gaurav Dubey and Kevin D’Souza. After this we moved towards the snacks center where we had some tasty vada pav and pani puri, thanks to Vikas Tantia 🙂 This concluded our SHG meet.


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2 thoughts on “Mumbai SHG – Minutes Of Meeting – 8th June 2014


    (June 10, 2014 - 8:51 am)

    Nice to have these clear roles and agenda – otherwise I have seen many well-intended sessions floundering and failing to do justice to members' time and expectations. I hope other shgs will study this model carefully and adopt whatever they find useful.. Some basic documentation/ guidelines from Mumbai shg will, I am sure, help much in that direction…


    (July 2, 2014 - 11:37 am)

    Sure we will post an article on the same very soon.

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