Mumbai SHG – Minutes Of Meeting – 15th June 2014

Hi guys,
The meeting started at 2.45 pm with the welcome speech by the facilitator of the meeting Kevin D’Souza. The facilitator introduced himself and the theme of the meeting and then asked each of the role players to introduce themselves and their roles.
After this was the prepared speeches session. The speakers Aditya Yadav, Prachi Dubey and Janahvi Deore gave some wonderful speeches.
After this was the Extempore session which was led by Jugal H. The theme was “I want to break free”. The speakers shared their ideas and experiences on some wonderful topics.
Then, the role players evaluated the speeches of all the speakers. The role booking for the next week was done by Gaurav Dubey and Kevin D’Souza. 
The learning session was taken by the theatre artist Devesh and it started at 5.00 pm. The session started with introduction of all the members. This was followed by a couple of games that tested observation, team building skills like “Follow the leader”, “Murder wink” etc. He then explained us the importance of abdominal breathing and while doing so asked us to share things that we love/hate/fear/regret in our life. There were some wonderful emotional stories that came out. The activities were really cool and helped us understand more about ourselves. This concluded our SHG meet.
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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Truly creative…,.
    Congrats Kevin and all the participants.


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