Sunday with Bangalore SHG

Venue: Cubbon Park

Members:(TopLeft)Naman, Pachayappan,Akash
Photo Credits: Anita

First up we would like to welcome newcomers Anita and Pachayappan to Bangalore SHG. It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

Introduction: The meeting began with formal introductions as we had couple of new faces among st us.
Though there was no time limit set, all the intros were typically short , now i wonder why.

Reading:We took one more leaf out of our SHG manual “Apna Hath Jagannath” and read to ourselves the chapter Values and beliefs.Reading has always been our benchmark, on how freely are we expressing our words ,soft,loud,clear,fading,distorted,jerks in between. are all the indications of an restless mind. It was great to see all of us conquering that part at least-Pat on the back 🙂 .

Open Discussion : Impact of family in childhood days:As the reading concluded Abhinav put forth the topic on how we shape our beliefs on the basis of external feedback – for instance family pressure to talk properly/negetive feedback related to stuttering which over a time forms a strong false notion that we are not capable of doing some things. Ans this stays rooted in our memory and is very hard to get rid of. We shared our views and experiences each of us had .

Extempore:Next was a quick fire creative right brain activity of table topics, each orator was given a one minute time window to speak on the topic given, with no time for preparation and oh!! yes without preparing 🙂 it was fun to watch what people say when thinking on their feet, and as i look back no one was bothered with stuttering anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! Did the right brain activation push the urges back???.

Debate:We still had 20 minutes for the official meeting to end and after brainstrorming for 10 minutes, We picked up the GD topic “difference between Generation of Youth-Present and 30 years past”
and here are our Observations – Some bloggers may disagree as all the discussion were done by present youths 🙂 anyways here are some points that came out

The Past Youth:

  • Focused on goals – not many distractions.
  • The fervor, patriotism was more than the present. 
  • Most lived in Joint families and enjoyed growing up with more than 2 siblings.
  • Were not materialistic.

The present Gen:

  • Too many Options to choose.
  • Tech Savy and use internet for everything.
  • Lack motivation Goal to achieve something great.

Badminton in Cubbon Park: And then there was this, thanks to akash for bringing the set. Sharath and Akash started to play badmiton early morning. Soon after the meeting we started playing and time just flew by.


PS: To contact Bangalore SHG Contact Abhinav :abhinavdotfoss@gmaildotcom


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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Nice report man…..

  2. Sharathchandra 5 years ago

    Nishil.. Sometimes it's bad to set the standard so high. Wonderful writing!! no words to describe it. -sharath

  3. Sachin 5 years ago

    Loved the pic !

  4. admin 5 years ago

    Excellent writing by Nishil. Very good environment. Ideal place for SHG meeting.

  5. admin 5 years ago

    Good display of sincerity and dedication by Bangalore SHG.

  6. Dhruv Gupta 5 years ago

    Wonderful to read this! I see Naman in the background! 🙂


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