The reasons for only a few pws could successfully able to overcome their stammering

I posted this article in the whatsapp group. For the benefit of others, I am posting it here also.


1. A little awareness or no awareness at all either to the pws or to their parents about stammering. Most of the parents were of the opinion that  stammering would outgrown in due course of time and he could able to speak well. 

2. The parents were seeing only tip of an iceberg. They were unable to understand their children’s inner feelings and treating stammering as not an issue at all . 

3. Due to changing lifestyle, parents were giving more pressure to their children to score good marks in school, get a seat in one of the best colleges and get a good job.

As I already mentioned in one of my earlier postings, about 10 parents of pws children met me in the past 2 years. I taught them about what was stammering, how to deal with their children etc. I have also advised them to have constant contact with me either over phone or meet me once in  2 or 3 months. But no parents neither phoned me nor turned up in person after their first visit. In fact, all of them were well educated and fairly rich people also. 

4. Since not much SLPs (Speech Language Pathologist) were available in India, the parents generally took their stammering child to an ENT specialist. After checking the vocal chord of the pws, the doctor would inform that he was not having any physical problems and advised them to meet a SLP. Since, SLPs were available only in big cities that too with limited availability, most of the parents stopped the treatment at that point itself. 

5. Most of the SLPs in India were not pws by themselves. So, they couldn’t understood 100% what actually a pws day to day problems. Most of the SLPs were not addressing emotional issues. Instead, they taught speaking slowly with prolongation technique which they calling as speech therapy. 
The pws after practicing speech therapy for a few days, found no improvement and discontinued it. 

Those pws who have got more motivation by birth, capable of doing hard and sustained work over longer period of time only able to successfully overcome their stammering . All normal people were not succeo in their lives. Only a very few hard working persons achieved greater heights. This analogy can be applied to a few successful pws also. This is a natural gift given by the God to a few pws only. 


1. There is a saying ” Doing small, small things over a longer period of time is the toughest one.”  Likewise, doing speech practice for about one year is really a challenging task, which requires lot of motivation . 

2. Lack of motivation from pws for practicing speech therapy for such a longer period of time. 

3. It’s a general human nature to achieve his wishes with least efforts. Likewise, pws were expecting easy ways to overcome stammering, which has not yet been found out so far. 

4. Lack of sufficient knowledge about stammering by pws themselves. Because of the lack of knowledge, he has chosen a wrong method /technique and practiced for a sufficient period to achieve his goal. 
Since there was no progress in his speech, he became disappointed & discontinued it and never try for another technique. 

5. Some pws who were very well placed in their careers, feeling that practicing speech therapy with head movements looks inferior to their stature. Thus, they were reluctant to do speech therapy. 

6. Those pws who were really interested in doing speech practice, unable to do it due to their family circumstances. A couple of pws, who always used to attend Chennai SHG meetings one year back, were not at all coming these days because they have to take care of newly born babies. And another pws has to take care of his sickened wife. A third pws who got a job, has no time to practice because he has to work hard to earn more money and pay back the educational loan that he borrowed from a bank. 

There are so much of unexpected pressures waiting for every pws to face it one day or another day. Even if pws wants to practice sincerely in those above pressure situations, it’s not practically possible. Always free mind was required to practice effectively. 

The very ideal time to get rid of stammering for pws was  while they were studying in colleges . A pws can have lot of free times apart from annual vacations. The latest time, they can overcome was before marriage. After marriage, overcoming stammering was a tough one.

Hence, I request all the young pws to treat this issue seriously, practice regularly,  get rid of their stammering and enjoy rest of their lives. 

I know a couple of pws who after overcoming their stammering, are now a big businessmen owning Crore of rupees wealth. That much of power are hidden with every pws. 
Since pws are having so much of hidden power, why should they live ordinary life. 
Instead, practice hard, overcome their stammering and live as a millionaire. 
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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