Kabab main Haddaaaa

You must have heard of the famous saying – kabab main haddi (someone interfering 2 lovers).But, this “haddi” here is a male one, hence I changed the gender from “haddi” to “hadda”.

Anyways, lets come to the point as I remeber the favourite line of India’s emergency period “Baateing kam aur kaam jyada” i.e. talk less and work more.

So, this is another episode of my adventurous ride towards getting freed from stammering mindset.

Scene goes like this :

Delhi metro Noida sector 15 station.I have just arrived there with a speech target in mind.Today, he is planning to ask directions from 2 separate love birds and he is going to start his question with a feared word.So, talking to a couple is itself a difficult situation for him and starting straight with a feared word means multiplication of difficulty.Lekin jab is hakle ne kuch decide kar liya to usse karke hi dam leta hai (but you know, when this stammerer decides some thing, he stops only after finishing the talk)

So, as soon as I get out of the auto rickshaw, I decide the question as Premnagar ke liye metro seedhi jayegi kya (Is there any direct metro for Premnagar area)

Although I was knowing that there is no such metro station, but Premnagar was a difficult word for me, so, I picked this question.Now, the next target was to choose 2 separate couples. It would have been more difficult if they can be of my age group and a handsome modern couple.But you know, finding such love birds is not a difficult task in Delhi,specially at metro stations.

So, I identified 2 couples which were distant apart and started to walk towards the near one, I was frightened really and my heartbeat was so loud and clear that I was almost able to count them…..i was approaching that couple slowly…..something inside me was telling me not to do it as it is crazyness…but I keep walking towards them…..a young couple laughing and talking to each other with their hands firmly gripped……I was determined that I will directly start my question with “premnagar”…no crutches…..no excuse me…..no sir……directly PPPPPPPPPPPPremnagar………but when I went there and started trying saying PPPPremnagar….it was just not coming out of my mouth…..My lips was getting tight and they were touching each other very fast ….but sound was not coming….the boy didn’t noticed me….but the girl noticed me and hinted to the boy and he looked at me……….and then suddenly, I said—Excuse me, p P P P P …….um….Premnagar ke liye seedhi metro jayegi…….He answered and I walked away from there.

I was feeling a bit embarrassed and hence, I just didn’t looked at them again anticipating that they must be laughing at me. After a bit, I gathered some courage and looked at them making sure they don’t see me looking at them…but they were not laughing at me…they were busy again in their own conversation.

But, I was a bit sad that why I used that helping word “Excuse me”…why I couldn’t struggle some more to get “Premnagar” directly. I could imagine all the brave hearts like Osho,Vivekananda,Alexander,Rani laxmibai,Maharana Pratap looking at me for more courage and honesty towards my own voice.

Then I went to the second couple.This time, I tried to beat the time pressure and struggled some more till I got “Premnagar” out of my mouth.Seeing me struggling,making weird facial expressions, Boy asked–Haan?  Kya chahiye?
Then finally,I got it “Premnagar ke liye seedhi metro jayegi?”  He replied–Pata nahi.….and I left them feeling sorry to interrupt them…..But I was happy…..Then, I ate some snacks and board the train to my destination….Did my TISA advertisement in the train…..shared TISA website with a few people and reached my room.

Mujhe bahut darr bhi laga aur maza bhi aaya ye sab karne main…..Hope ki aapko bhi padhne main maza aaya hoga (I was scared and I enjoyed all this…hope you too enjoyed reading it)


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow – Ashish, you are a pro..
    This ia some practice! Even I felt scared reading about it.. Kewp at it. Soon, stammering will be history for you…

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Good progress Ashish. Keep it up.


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