Pune SHG Journey…..

Pune SHG started during 2008 when JP was in Pune. We had many active members like Manohar since then. Since last few years Sanjeet and Amol have been driving the Pune SHG with dedication. We have seen some growth at Pune SHG since last one year that we are meeting regularly. We are seeing 10-15 members every Sunday and we have also noticed there is good improvement in their speech. Pune SHG has been very active currently where we are organizing Communication Workshop every quarter, which has been attended by many from other cities besides Pune. We have heard life changing feedback from them, which encourages us to work for the community with more fervor. Because of enthusiasm shown by Pune team TISA has given opportunity to host National Conference in Pune 2014. We would like to see your support and join and get benefited from this selfless service which Pune team is striving to achieve. We look forward to see you in person in Pune.


Pune SHG


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Yes – Pune has many dond memories for me.. The first comWS… The ttain journey.. infosys campus …Let us meet and share those early stories, in Lonavla this October…

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    And yes, Sanjit is an old timer and a valued friend of TISA from those early days…


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