I got voluntary retirement from Metro Water department in Oct 13 (originally due on May 15.)

Whenever on my close colleague retirement day, I uses to go and convey my wishes to him . Today, three of my close colleagues got retirement.

As usual, I went to the office for offering my wishes to them. When I entered 1st colleague room, he was discussing with two other officials. I just conveyed my wishes & came out .

When I entered the 2nd colleague room, a farewell party was going on given by his section staff. After seeing me, they asked me to sit next to him on the podium.

Though everyone liked me, they never asked me to speak on such occasions due to my stammering problem. But, today I volunteered my self to speak and spoken about 5 minutes praising my colleague’s achievements for 5 minutes without stammering. He was very much happy after hearing my speech.

Lastly, I went to meet the 3rd colleague. They informed that he was being given a farewell party in his Chief Engineer’s room. I went there, spoken voluntarily for a few minutes praising him for his achievements without stammering. He was very very happy at my speech as he have lot of respects towards me.

I wish to tell some of the observations I made with my speech.
First of all, I never thought even a single second whether I would speak or not. Without any slightest hesitation, I started speaking.

No doubt, I felt very happy that I had spoken without stammering on both the occasions . (even if I stammered, I didn’t minded it, as I already accepted my stammering and while speaking on both occasions, I never thought of hiding my stammering, but I have spoken well)

But, what made me more happier was the happiness that I saw in my colleagues face during my speech.

Now only I understood that we could make others happy on important occasions by our good speech. I lost so many such opportunities in my life and now, I was really feeling very sad on those missed opportunities.

What a coincidence on the completion of 6 months of whatsapp groups.

This message was posted for the purpose of motivating young pws and not highlighting my stammer free speech.


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  1. admin 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Manimaran.Of late I had also realised that the biggest blunder we have been doing is avoiding such occassions to speak. Anyway there is never late in life.

    Moolmantra is Face the fear it Goes. Avoid the fear it Grows.


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