Learning Session by an ex-stammerer Vikram

Learning session is an integral part of our Mumbai SHG meet. But, the one on 25th May 2014 was
indeed very special. It was an interaction with an ex-stammerer Vikram, who agreed to give us a talk
on Dhruv Gupta’s request.

Vikram introduced himself and his stuttering. He recalled how as a kid he used to lock himself in the
toilet when the phone rang and looked for all sorts of ways to avoid a telephonic conversation. He
recalled how he used to fear speaking to people in authority for some strange reason. He shared
various stammering incidences in is life.

Vikram used many holistic therapies to help him overcome his speech problems. He did Reiki,
Meditation, Aroma therapy, Yoga, Speech Therapy, and the list goes on. He also did other things like
jogging and working out at the gym which helped him open up. But what made a huge impact on his
stammering? It was the ABC method – Affirmation, Breathing and Creative Visualization.

Affirmation – Affirmation is any positive thought or mantra which keeps us mentally positive all the
time. Vikram used to chant “I am speaking fluently” 10,000 times every day. He asked to chant any
positive mantra (like the ones shared by Manimaran Sir on the WhatsApp Group). It is like fuel that
keeps our positive thinking going.

Breathing – He explained us the importance of breathing, He explained how our breathing goes
haywire when we stammer. He held a nice and soothing meditation session for all of us. He asked us
to meditate every day to stabilize our mind and in turn our breathing pattern.

Creative Visualization – As stammerers we always visualize negatively. For example, we visualize
ourselves not speaking well. He asked us to turn those into positive thoughts as much as possible.
He asked us to be crazy and do the above as much as possible and in every possible situation. He
told us that physical techniques like we generally learn and practice at TISA are important, but
stuttering has a lot to do with our psychology so the above things are also very important. It was
indeed a very benefiting session and we all should look forward to practising it.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Learning Session by an ex-stammerer Vikram


    (July 2, 2014 - 5:06 pm)

    Thanks Kevin for sharing on blog.

    I also experienced that ABC (affirmation, breathing &creative visualization) is very much useful for every PWS to reprogram software and hardware both.


    (July 4, 2014 - 7:39 am)

    thanks vikram by sharing your thoughts.

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