Bangalore SHG Chapter – Meeting Sergey……….

Venue: Cubbon Park
Meeting Started at 11.00PM
Bangalore, Bangalore, Bangalore- so many new things each
week. This past week was really intriguing.

We chanced to meet sergey. And we dedicate this chapter to
him. We started our meeting at 11.00.
We had a strong number of 11 for this meeting.
Abhinav introduced Sergey to the group and we were all ears

About Sergey: A
energetic figure in his late fifties, we were inspired by just his presence,
sharing and speaking amongst us without any hesitation almost felt unreal.

Profession: He is
an free-lancer by choice and presently he is associated with an organization
proving his services in teaching and is in india for an Year. Originally from
Ukraine Sergey is well versed in Ukranian, Russian, English.
Sergey has been Practising Yoga since the last 10 years, and
we were lucky to get a live demo on few asanas, which involve breathing and
diaphragm. Wow it was as one of us mentioned we natives do not learn or practice
Yoga and we are awed when a non-resident embraces and practices the ancient science
techniques with such ease.
Sergey has also Learnt the Vipassana meditation and has been
an ardent student attending the rigorous course for 4 times. Pranayama has been
his mantra for a better vocal strength. He practices all these based on his
needs and necessities. Its as he rightly says that all the courses or technique
is not meant to cure or achieve a specific task – but it is to master and see
what does change in you.  
Just as the self-introduction was done, we were all ready
with doubts and questions regarding all aspects of sergey’s experiences. Hats
off to sergey for patiently responding to all relevant/irrelevant and probing
questions. We bombarded so many questions that we were all experiencing the
thought process of sergey in each of his endeavors.
When sergey talked about visiting countries like China,
Srilanka, Taiwan, India, Ukraine, Russia, The explorer in our hearts were
screaming at us for a taste of adventure in a foreign land. The spark has been
well lit let us see how many of us will make it true. Let me summarize the rest
We had a quick round of introduction and our purpose of SHG
Prepared speech- bystander
After a gap of many months we had a prepared speech by Pramod. He
always comes up with an excellent topic. This week was about bystander effect.
Which means that the greater the number of
bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help. This
is inversely related. With providing specific examples on research and
corporate related incidents Pramod kept us hooked till the last word.

It was 1.30 already and the group dispersed. Till next week
Some more pics

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow – congrats to the group, for roping in someone like Sergei.. Vipassana, yoga, pranayam, traveling, volunteering, traveling.. I can see, how all this has made him what he is today.
    Thank you Sergei, for inspiring all of us..


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