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Hello  friends,

  This  is  Rameshbabu  from  hyderabad.From  last  few  months  i  am  facing the  people.Recently  i  joined  in  a  communication skills  programme  conducted by  RK  Math.I  gave  there  a  wonderful  speech  infront  of  around  50  people.In  that  overall  class  teacher  and  the  people  told  that  I  am  the  Good Speaker  with  good  content ,  body  language  ,  eye  contact   ,  high  pitch  etc.  recently  i  gave  another  speech  in  a political  meeting  infront  of  100+  people   and   in  that  meting  also  i  got  good  response  from  the  other  people.My  friends  in  the  next  blog  i  write  my  detailed  post  regarding  what   the  path  i  am  following  to  overcome  stuttering.

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    (July 9, 2014 - 2:45 am)

    Yes, the other day Chandrababu Naidu was mentioning about ur speech… Joking. Great, this blog is to celebrate and acknowledge the things pws like you are doing in the name of self help.. Bravo!

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