One day wonder..

Some time back I received a phone call from Kashmir. A young pws wanted help. I said- come for at least three days. His answer totally surprised me: Can I come for just one day?

I dug deeper. He was having vacations. Time was mot the constraint. Nor the money for travel. He did not have to pay me anything at all. And this place being a small place, was very cheap. Then what was the big issue?

After some cajoling he came out with the truth: I have difficulty only on my name. if you can show me how to say my name, that would be enough. One day should be enough to deal with that..

Finally I agreed to his request with some reluctance- but he never came. I am sure his family must have said: No – you dont stammer. Just give up this funny notion. You are fine. You dont need to go anywhere. And he must have acquiesced… We all have been in that situation. All is well, till he hits the campus interviews. And then, he will desperately request something which works quickly and reliably.

This is a good example of what “Acceptance is not”. This is denial – and as anyone can guess, this prolongs our misery: this is a simple refusal to see what is obvious to everyone else. This is a childish attempt to run away from the issues, even though in our hearts we know, that some day, sooner or later, the same issue will cross my path..

Acceptance is simple common sense. If there is a problem, you accept it and do whatever it needs.. instead of hating it every moment, wishing it away, complaining every moment but doing nothing about it, dreaming and hoping that someday it will go away as if thru some magic..Acceptance does not require being supermen.. Common but practical wise women and men are living it every day.

If you are reading this post, you ARE practicing acceptance. If you dont minimise the window, as your colleague passes by, you ARE practicing a little more of the acceptance..and if you register for NC and turn up at Khandala – you have taken one big step on a long journey..

Keep walking.. Journey can be more delightful than the destination – who knows!
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Post Author: Sachin

1 thought on “One day wonder..


    (July 13, 2014 - 5:45 pm)

    Dear sir,everytime i read your blog,my heart feel enlighted..
    As i am honest about my efforts to be a better communicator each day than i was a day before,your words fuels my motivation…
    Thanks for the continuing help and support.

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