What Megan did..

Thanks Vishal, for introducing all of us to this great story. Might seem like a bit of repetition, but I was browsing this longer artcile and found following passages VERRRY meaningful..
“I used to try and be all the things
that I want to be whilst suppressing it or trying to disguise it. But
now I think I’d like to be whatever I am despite it.”
Last night Megan Washington did something wonderful.

She took a deep breath, steadied her nerves and revealed one of her
deepest secrets on Australian Story. And it was a secret that frankly
left me gobsmacked…

It was give-you-goose-bumps authentic
television. The episode was prompted by Megan’s recent TEDX talk at the
Sydney Opera House where she faced her greatest fear and dared to stand
up in front of a live audience and talk about (and thus reveal)
her speech impediment…
“I have a problem. It’s not the worst
thing in the world, I’m fine, I’m not on fire, I know that other
p-p-people have to deal with far worse things. But to me, l-l-language
and m-m-music are inextricably linked, through one thing. And the thing
is, that I have a s-s-stutter.”…
“I had a lot of therapy, and a common form
of treatment is to employ this technique called ‘smooth speech.’ Which
is where you almost sing everything you say. You kind of join everything
together in this very sing-song kindergarten manner, soothing, and you
sound like you’ve had several Valium and everything’s nice. But that’s
not actually me.” 
(reminded me of Srishti)
Read more at http://www.mamamia.com.au/celebrities/megan-washington-stutter/#ufcvQIvltvDfCi7Z.99


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    I read the article by rebecca on megan washington..in fact nobody knew it before she opened up.she is loved by the people across the globe,but somewhere in the recesses of mind 'megan's stuttering self was in conflict with her fluent stardom self'…
    It was a kind of grand acceptance measure taken by her despite of no need to actually do it if only fluency of speech in public matters…
    Hats off to her courage. !

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Kundan – u said it very well..


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