News @ TISA Hyderabad Chapter – 13 July

We are 7 members for the meetup.
1) Purna 2) Sushant 3)Ramesh 4)Fahid 5)Teja 6)Ramu 7)Rajesh.
We welcomed new members Sushant and Teja to the group !
Activities happened @ meeting are:
1. Meditation
2) Introduction
3) Prepared speeches by all members.
4) Importance of Social mingling.
5) Feedback by everyone to everyone on their speech.

This week we concentrated much on being at ease on stammering.
Every member have given prepared speeches. Speaking with passion is the only aim of such speeches and everyone have given their best.
Importance of meditation, Prepared speeches and social mingling is discussed much in the group.
New members are rocking  and inspiring too.
Purna has coordinated this week’s meeting and tomorrow;s meeting will be coordinated by Sushant.

96 76 82 0007

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Becoming more social is a very important goal of therapy, whuch often gets ignored… Consider inviting non-stammering friends in some meeting..


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