A change is as good as a rest – Bangalore SHG meet

Hi all,
The wind guzzled across the green acres of the Cubbon Park and there scrambled the silent soldiers to complete another 180 precious minutes, in the mid-morning on a Sunday.
The scene must have started with Sergey the Great, demonstrating a few Yoga techniques and talks to Avnish, Naman and Anshuman.
I joined in a few minutes past the beginning and Sergey had already started with his Yoga teaching and we did it for about 20 minutes. Nishil and Sharath joned us soon and we all practised a few breathing exercises. Then we had a brief introduction. After this we shared about something new that we did the last week. I was quite excited about my first event hosting at my office. It was a very relieving experience and I was glad I could keep the audience in my humour!
Moving on we had the on-the-spot topics and each of us spoke for about two minutes. This was a decent round and I would like to proudly say that we are improving on our timings!
The next in plate were the prepared speeches. Naman took the first turn and presented about the pros and cons of packaged food. He has been attending toastmasters and has picked up quite a few tricks from there. It added a lot of weight to his speech. Also, he was observant enough to balance the content of the speech and its delivery.

I presented about Visual Beauty and how humans perceive and interpret this kind of a beauty. We were thinking about a topic for GD and suddenly we saw a hazy picture of a group of people with camera at a distance. We observed them for about two mins and then took turns to present our stories on what could possibly be happening in that group!
This discussion went for one round. Some stories we shared were similar, some bounced well and Nishil’s stood apart. You will know why when you read on…
We then moved towards the trees! Ahh lovely trees for the shouting exercise. This was fun since all of us had a chance to bring out the suppressed voices and just shout. The happy aspect of shouting exercise is that that it makes you laugh more than others when you falter. This is very essential since it will lighten our attitude towards our stutter.
While we were about to leave, Sharath was curious to know what actually these people were doing. I joined him and we approached this group. The group was welcoming and they got even more interested in us when we told them about our SHG. They were really amazed when we told them what we were doing in the last ten minutes. By this time Nishil and Avnish too joined us.
Nishil’s story in the GD came close when he perceived that it was a group that had come to  see-off a member. Coincidentally, one member from that group was leaving Bangalore. But on another day and they had come as an ‘Instagram group’ meetup!
The group members took our notes positively and seemed delighted about this activity we do. Interestingly one of the members in that group who is pursuing her masters, had worked previously as a child speech pathologist. Well do SHG members heed to any therapist? I leave out the imagination for you guys on what would have been our answers when she suggested we do some speech exercises J
Finally, one of the members, Shreyansh, of that group took our photo for their Instagram group collection. This whole activity made us feel quite relieved and positive.
Next week, the schedule will be posted by Abhinav. Request all of you to make it up since it has always been ‘the more the merrier’!
Write up by Pramod
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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Not only verbal communication, you guys are improving written cimmunication as well.. And social skills too, like approaching strangers and making new friends.. And all this for free!
    Guys keep at it and encourage wws also to join…

  2. lashdinesh 5 years ago

    Beautiful post!! As Beautiful as rain soaked Cubbon Park!! Good one Pramod!!


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