An Opportunity..

Those who were part of previous NCs can bet
that those were the best days of their life – breaking away from the
illusionary shackles of stammering and living a life of freedom.
TISA, this
year too, brings one such opportunity – NC2014 – Opportunity to take a
Leap, to learn from the veterans and to feel the “independence” like
never before.
This is one such investment which will fetch return beyond your imagination. Make the most of it. 
Warm Regards
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Post Author: Sachin

1 thought on “An Opportunity..


    (July 30, 2014 - 9:41 am)

    I attended my first NC in Oct 2013 at Delhi. But that was the 3rd NC in TISA. But I know TISA just from July 2013, so moment I came to know about TISA's work on this noble cause I have been active member since then. I realized this is the only place to complete the journey on stammering, I did not look back since then. I stammered a lot during first NC as I was not worried that anyone will judge or laugh. Since then I have opened this with everyone whom I am close with including in office. So please join the NC at Pune and stammer without fear. So that someone from you will lead the next NC in 2015…

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