Moments From My Diary..

Clarity! think !why are you on TISA Blog?is it because its your routine or because a good no of stammerers do?or is it because- makes you informed about new developments,
2.improves your reading skills,writing skills
3.motivates you to do practices of techniques like pausing,voluntary stuttering,breathing exercise,as others often post about their experience,
4.a constructive hangout place unlike Facebook chat.

How do we define clarity in our own words decides how far we would be successful in our lives.To me clarity means ‘to have specific,understandable answer to why,what,when and time of the work i am going to do or want to do’.
I think the major problem with us is not that we are incapable of doing study,meditation,daily workouts,improving communication,but certainly we are not clear and specific about what we exactly want to do.
For ex. after watching a movie of salman khan on Sunday,at once i decide to have a good physique like him….For a day or two,i am visualizing myself fighting  goons on the street kala i don’t want others to know my intention,i buy dumbbells and benches,so as to gym at home.i start doing workout 2 hour everyday..on Thursday,our SOM teacher gives us a lengthy assignment that is to be submitted by Saturday.

Oops! i have not done the chapter well and assgt has to be submitted otherwise he might not allow me to enter classes,resulting in low assessment,poor result,resentment of parents,ruining of carrier..SO many thoughts hits me like a salman khan like body consciousness is lost,and som assgt is what the mind think i had not prepare the chapter well,somehow i manages to submit assignment on Monday.Teacher made me feel embarrassed,scolded before the class and now images of teacher scolding me,guys laughing as he scold me’ flashes my mind every moment.Next morning on Tuesday,i wakes up late,but idea of doing workout don’t fascinates me that much and i put off the plan for next Sunday..On Sunday my close friends has planned to go shimla and asks me to join as we have not been out the city for long…images of salman khan good physique no longer motivates to do workout as feeling of being unsuccessful in carrying out workout plan runs the mind.And i fail to muster courage to do other necessary thing of my life as well and time passes by.Days becomes Months,months become Years..I begin to loss my interest in living joyful life…..thank god,it was a dream.AAAH,what a nightmare it was,i wash off my faces and check calender and make sure it is 31st july,2014.i take my notebook and start writing about things that i have been procrastinating and decide to make a fresh start with clarity of purpose and being as specific in targets as i can.

From my experience i feel clarity in thought and purpose is what we should strive at.Like any other skills,this too will require practice,practice,practice,practice and practice.I am doing it now,because i have felt its power.I have felt the need.Our motivation goes up and down due to lack of clarity.No need of motivation if you are clear about anything.


                      (this is what i wrote down in my diary this morning while sitting alone,looking at my past college days,leaping into projected future.)


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Congratulations, Kundan! This is a beautiful piece of reflection..
    Most of us keep waiting for "motivation" to come to us- or someone to come and motivate us.. Great ones among us, are capable of motivating themselves on their own.. They move on and we keep waiting.. But it is never late.
    Keep sharing your thoughts..

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Nice post Kumar 🙂

  3. abhishek 5 years ago

    very interesting post Kundan 🙂


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