Why should you meet other pws?

Some people have asked: will NC be like Communication workshop? Not necessary. It depends on what the participants want. Some participants who have never attended a communication workshop, may want to get a glimpse of that. For them, as a group, we will conduct some of the activities which we do in Communication workshop. What are these activities? To give you an idea we are sharing a testimony from a young participants- Atul.

Hello everyone, I am atul. I am unfamiliar for many TISA members,
although once sachin sir has posted my experience. My journey in tisa
started on 17 feb 2013 (also my b’day) with an SHG meeting in indresh
hospital dehradun with dr. Abhinav sir and vineet. At that time I was
doing B.tech from graphic era university dehradun. Now i have completed
B.tech and looking for a job. I used to visit herbertpur nearly every
sunday, Here i want to share what we do at herbertpur, through my
experience. At herbertpur we do many tasks such as role play,
extempore in public presence, video recording of our speeches,
sometimes presentation on a given topic, talking and voluntary
stuttering with strangers, practising techniques with strangers as
well as other members. totally its a 2-2.5 hrs session. Mainly our
focus is on acceptance and let the people make their mind that
stammering is not a big issue at all! Many time Sachin sir showed us
videos to us regarding this. So finally i just want to say that it has
always been a great experience to meet with sachin sir and everyone
should meet OTHER stammeres whenever possible, believe
me it would be a life changing experience. If any one wants to contact
me my numbs are +919456764295, +919557274102.


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