11 Reasons PWS may skip attending the National Conference at Pune

National Conference is held at Pune in 2014 from Oct 3 to 5 at Khandala, Pune. We have opened the registration 5 weeks back having 90 seats only. We still have around 20-25 seats as of August 8. Here are some of the reasons why people may skip attending NC in 2014:

  • My stammering is mild and not noticeable to others! But as a PWS I know it and I am suffering it badly internally. So what NC will help me to achieve. Nothing just a gathering of the people around world. Yes we have people from across India and USA are coming to NC this year. We have a jam packed agenda where everyone will have a chance to speak and learn the techniques from experts from India and USA in this NC. So can you still skip this year’s NC at Pune. Think again!!!
  • NC happens every year, so why should I attend this year? Who knows it will happen next year and you have already waited for days, years, and why do you think you can wait another year. There is no guarantee that NC will happen every year. It may or may not happen next year. This is a life changing opportunity so why you want to delay another day on your success. 
  • I do not stammer, I only have some blocks!!! You would not be reading this if you are not a stammerer. This is the way we fool ourselves that I only fumble on words, or have some blocks, but I am still ok. How long you would like to live with this illusion. When are you coming out of this taking a step forward. Do not wait before it is too late. Take control of your life. Only stammerer can change his stammering.
  • I can’t take leave from my work as I am new to organization or important work is in progress during October? There is no organization which will stop giving leave for an important and life changing initiative. Please tell your supervisor about the National Conference, this way you have an opportunity to open on stammering with them. You are investing this time on you on the most important days of your life. Making changes at the right time on speech will help you feel comfortable and grow fast in your career.
  • Pune is far from my city, so it takes 1 day to travel from my city and 1 day in return! This is an investment in time and money (only hotel charges) in you so that this stammering will be more controlled and I can still live with this without having to much to worry or think on it continuously. Also Oct 2 is a holiday (Gandhi Jayanti), Oct 3 is a holiday (Dushera), and Oct 4-5 is weekend. Also Monday Oct 6 is a holiday in some offices. So you can still manage as we have a around 4-5 days of holidays in stretch. 
  • Pune is new to me and do not know people in TISA? Talk to your local SHG people about TISA or NC, almost every city we have participants joining at NC. So do call us if you have any questions our NC team will help you and guide accordingly on each and every question. 
  • I am a female PWS and not feeling comfortable to join in NC? We have registrations from female PWS as well. This is besides there are 5 families coming to this NC. We have made separate hotel booking for family and female PWS. So please talk to Sachin or Virendra in case of any questions. 
  • I can’t afford the Rs. 2750/- hotel charges. Do talk to us if you are really unable to pay this amount, we can sponsor and ensure you get the required funding. 
  • I am unable to make a decision to join as the date is still far? Book the tickets and pay the registration charges before Aug 14, 2014. If you can’t join either you can sponsor other candidates or ask for refund. 80% money will be refunded by Sep 30 for those who are booking from Aug 9 to Aug 14. If you still have questions talk to us. We are ready to help you so that you should not feel stammering is holding back on your social, professional, and personal growth. 
  • I can’t leave my family alone at home for these 3-4 days! We are five us as of now who are coming with our family to this NC. So if you need a separate room we have made arrangements on that as well. So do talk to us in case of any questions. 
  • I am still not convinced and have questions why should I join the NC? Please call to Virendra, Sachin, Amol, Mitul. Please email us on nc2014.pune@gmail.com or pune.stammer@gmail.com. We are waiting to hear from you. So write now and take control of your speech.
NC Pune Team, 
TISA, India
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “11 Reasons PWS may skip attending the National Conference at Pune


    (August 9, 2014 - 10:50 am)

    There is nothing like "Mild" stammering! It always hurts. It always affects our communication and our attitude to others.. Never too early to do something about it…

    Vishal Gupta

    (August 9, 2014 - 11:59 am)

    exactly !!!! Great write Up Virendra sir because I have got the same answer from most of PWS


    (August 11, 2014 - 5:04 am)

    Attending a NC certainly has investment of time and money.But trust the investment is worth. Moreover remember it is only YOU who can work on your communication, others can only guide.So joining early is always better and learn from the experiences of others who have worked on it throughout their life. Further the best treatment for stammerinhg is talking about it openly. NC is the platform where you can talk about it without any hesitation.So make use of it and progress on the path of recovery.
    May all beings be Happy.


    (August 12, 2014 - 4:24 pm)

    12 th reason: "yes, I face a problem. But why should I take help from others? I will deal with it on my own. …"
    This is a good reason. But NC only offers you "talking partners".. It makes no claim and takes no credit for "turning your life around".. If that happens, the credit goes to you alone. NC is only a great social gathering. It is not a therapy centre nor a crash fluency course… It is just a fun jamming session.. So, come and do some gupshup…

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