It works…

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its working and i experienced it. I have great fear of saying two
words, ‘haldwani’- city where i live and ‘electronics and
communication’- my engineering branch (although it has an
abbreviation ECE but i don’t want to use it). So it happend when i
read a post by ashish sir that is related to speech blocks that even
a block of 2.5 sec is not unbearable. So i though i should try it.
When i was going back to my home from delhi for rakshyabandhan i got
a chance. I visited ISBT anand vihar to enquiry about buses and
timing. I was hesitating in going to person in counter, even from 20
mins i was walking just before counter. Finally i made my mind. As i
determind not to make any efforts to hide stammering and
blocks, I went to counter and conversation was.
bhaiya bus ki timing kya h?
Person: kaha ke liye?
Me: bhaiya
……hhaldwani ke liye
person: har aadhe ghante me h.
last bus kitne baje ki h?
Person: raat 11 bje.
Me: thanku.
i could not start directly with ‘bhaiya haldwani ki bus ka time kya
h’, i got great examption as block lasted only for 1.5 sec otherwise
generally it converts into a deadlock.
 Now second thing,
today moring i got a call from a job portal. And I mentioned my
qualifications, mainly my stream i.e ECE. Again same thing happend.
It took 1.5 to 2 sec in uttering ‘electronics and communication’. I
was feeling so relaxed. So i found it very helpful
and i think
everyone should try it at least once.
(Received from Atul B)
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    (August 15, 2014 - 4:38 pm)

    Yes, that is the power of letting go.. in other words, voluntary stammering.. Not so bad, when you actually do it (rather than thinking about it).. Thanks Ashish and Atul!

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