Number-1 Speech Therapy for Stammering!!!

Mera naam Dinesh Singh, Umar 32, Gaun – Bangalore! Like any “normal” PWS, most part of my life I searched for the number 1 speech therapy which will dissolve all my pains and solve all my problems.

Again like any “normal” PWS,  the whole and sole purpose of my life has been to unlock the mystery of stammering!! 🙂 (and to bag the noble prize for that!)

I tried slow reading, I tried loud reading, Pranayams, Prolongation,
Vipassana, Mirror practice, Toastmasters, that training, this training unlimited prayers to the almighty!! etc  not to dismiss that all these have not helped me.. all these have helped to an extent but to share that what is that helped me the most?

The simple, true, honest answer is – Meeting other PWS.
Yes, meeting other PWS has been an life changing experience for me. This has helped me the most
regarding my Stutter/Stammer.

To all fellow PWS who are going bonkers about what to do with their Life and what to do with their Stammering  – Attend NC 2014 – I can assure you that this will be the best investment you would have ever made.

I wish, I could have attended such a gathering quite early in my life, in my teens or twenties, I could have avoided so much undue pain, saved a lot of time and removed so many misconceptions about stammering which dwells in our heart and mind. Yes, true knowledge is not mere accumulation of facts its about those experiences which will help you think beyond.

For a pws, a gathering like this is the best thing that can happen to you, my sincere suggestion is “make use of it”.

At the same time, I would invite those who attended Previous NC2012 ( and NC2013 ( to share their feedback so that it can help those who are “thinking -waiting and watching” to make-up their mind to attend! (or not to attend!)

Warm Regards


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Dinesh for saying something which needs to be said again and again! There is no better expert at stammering than the stammerer himself/herself and when you meet 50 experts together, the magic just happens!!

    My life too have been transformed in the last three years by just meeting other people who stammer, watching them, observing them, getting inspired by them. Thanks to all of them. The freedom I enjoy today is only because I have met some really good people at these TISA events. So if anybody is undecided, trust me, just come. After all whats there to lose ?

  2. Ra..Ra..Raja 6 years ago

    Very true…gaining knowledge and working on our speach has its part…but meeting fellow PWS and expanding our world through events like NC…has its magic. Its not just about suffering of being a PWS…but the fun we have when we all meet…has to be experinced.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    The experience at coorg was stupendous.Meeting fellow pws helps to introspect yourself and calm yourself.
    The knowledge about stammering gets broaden by attending national conferences.
    We can learn from other experience.
    The experience can not be expressed in words.

  4. Sachin 6 years ago

    Dinesh thanks a lot for saying what is obvious but rarely noticed! A group of fish made a list of all the items in their environment: it was a long long list but it made no mention of "water"! Similarly, we rarely realise how meeting others (not just pws) beings transforms us.. Let us ALL meet..

  5. Raj 6 years ago

    After attending tisa 2nd meet up @ coorag, i accepted my stammering fully , earlier i used to be irritated when some one laughs at my stammering and ignores me . If now some one laughs . . I murmur myself its my style of speaking it does not matters if any one laughs . It means not that surrender to stammering . . Accepting is nothing but trying to overcome , with whatever you have . Again i met severe stammerers in 2 nd meet up , i thought comparatively i am much better to them . Second meet up added lot of stammering friends to my friend list . In nutshell , the second meet up was awesome , coorag was awesome , mysore was awesome . . . Really great . .

  6. admin 6 years ago

    Adding to what all the others have mentioned, I would just say that

    Not only were the 3 days amazing it terms of accepting ones stammering, and never again having to feel overtly guilty or fearful of stammering, but it was a chance to meet some great people.

    People from various domains of life and from various places. Some of them have even become my close life-long buddies…..all thanxs to TISA NC @Coorg last year.

    This experience is definitely a positive metamorphosis for not only PWS people, but anybody!! Cheers, Kushal

  7. admin 6 years ago

    Please don't forget it is only You, You and only Yoy who can help You in managing your stammering.This we can learn by knowing others success stories. So meeting other PWS is very very important.I missed earlier two NCs. This time I am coming. You also please do attend.

  8. Aruna 6 years ago

    Namaste to all!
    The very idea of SHG to plan for an 'Annual Meet' brought in so much of hope, healing, peace, and a new cognition of the self-woven problem of stammering.

    Personally, i had perceived this stammering/stuttering was ONLY my problem. But on witnessing that there are so many souls sharing the same space around you brings in so much healing to the strained heart, which had always suppressed the image of being a 'stammerer', the low inner-image in public gatherings.

    The Coorg meet was like a leap in my endeavors in life to help myself from this challenge. Going to speech therapies, etc are all steps taken, i should say.. but attending such a group meet is really a big positive leap. So much of learning happens from others' sharing, and importantly a chance to speak 'unjudged', 'as a being w/o bothering about your outer image', and 'to speak your heart out'

    And, i got a chance to meet some of the fine human-beings, who are so self-inspired, loving themselves the way they are, and moving ahead.

    Let me not write more.. it's time to experience it, feel it!

  9. admin 6 years ago

    thanks for all to make our memories refresh on coorg ngt!
    The final by product from such conferences is acceptance,confidence,love on self,self respect,stammering at ease n above all the stammering will no longer look like unusual rather it becomes usual thing in which u float n swim whole life with ease.
    All this happened just bcoz we meet many inspiring ppl who inspire us in many ways in our life.

  10. Vivek Singh Rajput 6 years ago

    the only time in my life when i forgot my stammer, and felt like swaying away with the beauty of nature, was the days in Coorg. truly a dream place for nature lovers. It was only once when i felt stammering as a boon and saw life beyond it. Thanks a ton to Dinesh Sir, for planning and organizing the visit so marvelously.

    "सूर्योदय देखा, सूर्यास्त देखा,
    प्रकृति की बाहों में आकर, मानो स्वयं इश्वर को देखा,
    महसूस करता हु आज भी उन लम्हों को पल पल,
    जैसे शायद, Coorg ने लिख दी हो भाग्य की एक रेखा …."

  11. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing this bro, i also was the part of coorg event, really these were the awesome and very good day of my life i learnt a lot, it was nice experience for me.And i m sure, same will happen in coming TISA event.Waiting for the event.


  12. admin 5 years ago

    To the first timers on why you should take part in the NC …
    These conferences are like embassies offering you visas to different continents which merge with each other into a super continent only once a year ..with each continents men and women wanting to share their experiences with you..listen to yours..make merry with you…share wisdom….make friends for life..

    So go for it..make it happen…take the driving seat…go and create your own others to weave a few for them too….

  13. admin 5 years ago

    Well said!! I attended my only NC as of now is in Delhi in 2013. It is Life changing experience can't be able to put in mere words for me.

  14. admin 5 years ago

    Can you send this into yahoo group email as well.


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