Mini SHG meet

Today when I returned to home from the office, i was feeling disturbed.I thought I was disturbed due to stammering…….but when i tried to analyze, I thought i was trying to impress(which i mustn’t  do) or trying to show to my colleague that I can speak well and in doing so …….i was pressurizing myself and as a result was getting nervous.So I and Navneet just met for an hour and practiced Voluntary stuttering with 6-7 shopkeepers and vendors.And when I felt satisfied with myself……we left. These mini meetings  can help us apart from the SHGs where we can share exactly what went wrong( of course as per the support and convenience of  the other members) or maybe talk on the phone with other TISA friends. Sometimes we think that the SHG alone is sufficient and we actually don’t apply the techniques in daily situations relying on the fact that the SHG meet  alone is there to address our issues.

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  1. abhishek 5 years ago

    Very relevant point .. we need to practice what we learn

  2. Sachin 5 years ago

    Aha! I am thrilled. First time in the history, someone has come up with GREAT ORIGINAL insights and ideas.. And initiative. Pa ji – tussi kamal kar ditta…
    Do more, share more…

  3. admin 5 years ago

    Yeah,a very good approach to tackle temporary disturbances.
    In fact phoning friends,practicing voluntary stuttering are like balms which heals both within and without..
    Keep sharing !


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