My First experience about TISA Workshop

I got the chance to attend the TISA workshop at Herbrtpur between 15-17 Aug,2014.In addition to the stammering,my overall attitude towards life has changed.I have fully understood the meaning of acceptance.Instead of cursing my stammering(which I have been doing so long in the past),now I feel honoured that I am different from others.I belong to that group which constitutes only 1% of the total human population 🙂
Rather than working on my stammering,I am working on my communication skills through techniques which I learnt like bouncing,pausing etc. Because the more we give importance to the stammering more it will come out.I am practising these techniques with myself and with toll free numbers 😀 and very soon I will wider my comfort zone.
Me and mukesh are also in the process of starting a SHG at IIT Roorkee and our first meeting is going to be held tommorow.
I want to describe my whole learning experience in one line “Accept that you are different and focus on the speech rather than on stammering”  in the same way as focus on the positive things instead of negative things and negative things will soon fade out.
I want to thank Sachin sir, Hemant Sir and all the participants who came to the workshop.I recommend everyone to attend at least one TISA’s workshop or National conference.

Ankit Sharma


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Congrats Ankit for such beautiful insight 'Feeling honoured for being different'.
    Both acceptance and change are lifelong phenomenon that matures with time, & with ups and downs of life.
    Working on communication is more rewarding as it improves not only the stammering but life as well.

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Wow- you got it correct, Ankit! Real issue is communication. Stammering is a big issue only for those who are in the business of "buying and selling" cures..("Uncle Chips").. Once you understand this, you can help yourself easily and help others too in the process.. Keep walking; it is a long journey..Congrats to both you and Mukesh!

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot Sachin sir and Kundan 🙂


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