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Here is a review by Abhinav, of Animehs’s play:
“.. I went for the play today. Awesome play and great performance by
every one. Animesh performed really well .. just one word marvellous

It was result of hard work from past 30-45 days by Animesh and his group members.
Performing for 2 hours and remembering big big
dialogues is not an easy task …it requires lot of commitment and hard
work and kudos to Animesh
Key thing here is you do not have to come to SHG every week if you have other better plans to do on Sunday
morning (apart from sleeping). Do what ever motivates you, give your
100% to it and you will start seeing positive changes in yourself. Try
out different things and choose the one which keeps you engaged.
Requesting every one to go for the play if you are free on Sat evening ..It will start at 7:30PM..its worth of time and money…”


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