31st Aug Meeting report !!!! Full of masti, Barish, Chai(tea) and yes member too

“This is Delhi SHG “

Meeting was awesome we were 15 members there two had also come but due to barish, they didn’t join us so I have written meeting detail in hinglish its ridiculous 😉 🙂  but thik hai yaar kabhi kabhi kuch different bhi karna chahiye lol !!!!

Meeting ki Shurwaat Central Park me hui it was a really really dhaansu mausam initially we were 4-5 member there and yes there were 3 new member i guess 1. Lavnish 2. Asad and 3.Subbu i would say they are amazing man “faadu” 

2-3 ke introduction ke baad hi Delhi ki barish start ho gayi jo 4 ghante ke baad ruki hai but mujhe ye nhi pata members ko kya ho gaya tha barish me bhi member aye ja rhe the and finally 15 members had come aur fir humne decide kiya Central park ke saamne chaai(tea) ki shop me chalte hai then we all went there aur fir kya tha vaartalaap start ho gayi introduction round with full freedom and liberty sabne intro diya uske baad 3-4 topic par discussion chala and then sudden I have got one idea kyu na chaai(tea) peete hai kyuki I love to sip a cup of tea specially in baarish

but sudden Himanshu (Host) ka dimag laga unhone kaha lets collect the money for our meeeting snacks and tea fir kya tha hum sabne 100-100 rupay ikhatthe kiye aur delhi SHG trust ke roop me use rakh liye fir humne usi paise me se chaai mangwayi but yaar chai(tea) bahut costly thi @12 ruppees each cup 
OMG !!!!!

but fir humne chai ki chuski li aur uske baad Fun Activity ki shuruwaat ki 
1. MEE MAA MOO activity in circle 
2. NUMBER Counting Activity in circle
3. Round Robin Activity in circle 
but sach me yaar chai ke saath fun acitivity it was awesome !!!! ek cheej bhul gaya bataana  Jagbir sir ho to kya baat banti hai !!!! Jagbir sir you are amazingly freaking fantabulous great personality 🙂 😉 

fir kya tha thoda serious hona pada mujhe as we had agenda so Lavnish ji jinka first meeting tha let me give you a little intro Lavnish is 30 year old Charted accountant and yes he has  almost managed his stammering but he want to fight with the fear by acceptance and yes by practice
unhone Corruption topic par speech di which was nice to hear very structured way of reality or way to make our nation corruption free.

Uske baad Shikari ji(amit shikari) ne thodi explanation di about TISA workshop activity and all fir maine thoda logo ko NC ke liye inspire kiya !!!! aur fir bus meeting finish ho gayi !!!

But kuch bhi kaho meeting dhaansu thi !!!!

thank you !!!!
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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Sachmuch dhansu meeting thee guru..maza aa gaya padh kar…


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