Aligarh First SHG Inauguration Event Report !!!! Finally TISA SHG is now available in Aligarh !!! Huraah !!!

The formal inauguration
of event started at 11AM in the conference hall. Mr.Sikandar Alam, a student of
Aligarh Muslim University and a member of The Indian Stammering Association
co-ordinated this program. Members of Delhi chapter of TISA attended
this event to share the philosophy of TISA and how TISA offers to help people
who stammer by organizing self help group (SHG) meets where various ways of
managing stammering are discussed.
It was a gathering of 
around 40 people comprising 9 members of Delhi SHG (self help
, 4 volunteers from AMU (managed all arrangements) and 25 people
from AMU and nearby places. Among the participants, there were 3 children who
came with their guardians to get benefited from this event.
After welcoming the chief guests and chanting of holy kuran
teachings, Mr.Sikandar alam (Event coordinator and a student at AMU) start the
proceedings with a fine speech throwing light on the history and motto of The
Indian Stammering Association.
Then, members of Delhi SHG gave brief talks on below topics :
1. What is stammering? Various possible reasosns (known till
date) for origin of stammering in childhood and how it can shape up as a major
communication hurdle by adulthood.
2.  Importance of Acceptance of the problem.Role
of acceptance and positive attitude in getting out of stammering and becoming a
good communicator.
3.  Importance of Self help group concept.How
self help group of stammerers can bring out wonderful results for all the
member stammerers in long run.
4. Brief explanation of various speech techniques used
worldwide to manage stammering.
All these sessions were interactive sessions making sure
participation of all the participants.
All the participants took keen interest in all these sessions
and a lot of questions were raised by them.Delhi SHG members answered to these
queries to the best of their present day knowledge.
One of the member of Delhi SHG had attended a similar session
in USA, organized by National Stuttering Association(NSA, USA). He shared his
experience and it was concluded that SHG concept is given prime importance in
USA as well to manage stammering.
Then, all the participants were given the chance to come up
on the stage and gave a small talk over the microphone infront of the whole
audience. Every one share his experiences and their eagerness to join the
Aligarh SHG meetings to be organized every weekend. Mr.Sikandar alam was
designated as the co-ordinator for Aligarh chapter of The Indian Stammering
and SHG meetings in AMU will be co-ordinated by him.
Smiling faces of participants and their enthusiasm
acknowledged the success of the event.Delhi SHG members assured the continuous
support to make AMU SHG meets successful. The event was concluded at 3 PM.
Sikander Alam !!!!! We are proud of you !!!! 


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    I think this is a HUGE achievement for everyone involved, both from Aligarh and from Delhi…
    Badhai ho!
    Now, the second phase- regular meetings! I m sure – together, we can do that too…

  2. abhishek 5 years ago

    Congratulations for such a well co-ordinated team effort..

  3. admin 5 years ago

    Awesome Sikander Bhai…You rock


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