Pune SHG Meeting on Sep 13 and 14

Pune SHG Sep 13 meeting: Pune SHG went to Zara Resort Khandala, Pune today, Sep 13. It was another opportunity for us as we took a train ride to talk in public on Stammering. So we 3 PWS from Pune had number of speeches and interactions in the train coach. 5 people approached us asking on number so that they can help their friends on speech. After utilizing the one hour in train journey, we went to Zara Resort which is our NC venue for Oct 3 to 5. We have booked additional 4 rooms so that we can accommodate 16 more PWS in NC. At the same time we have confirmed that this is our final booking from TISA. We have taken number of photos of the NC venue.

Pune SHG Sep 14 meeting: We have a self help group meeting tomorrow, where we take the opportunity to talk on final NC planning on logistics/agenda.

Please find Zara Resort, Khandla, Pune photos. (National Conference 2014 Venue):

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    So beautiful!


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