Minutes Of Meeting – 14th Sep 2014

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The meeting started at 1.30 pm by the welcome speech by the facilitator of the meeting Bharat Soni. This was followed by the introduction of the role players.

This was followed by the Extempore Session which was led by the Extempore Facilitator Srinivas Basutkar. The session was very well conducted and all the members spoke on their respective topics.

This was followed by the learning session which was conducted by Kevin D’Souza. The members learned the importance of gratitude in Self Awareness, via a nice meditation. This was followed by the introduction of Vivek Yadav and a new member. Then, each memebers sang some songs. It was a nice, relaced and fun filled activity.

This was followed by a add-on speech. Kevin D’Souza gave a presentation on Databases in Computers.

This was followed by evaluation of speakers by the role players and role bookings for the next meeting. This concluded a nice SHG meet.

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    Manish Singh

    (September 16, 2014 - 11:30 am)

    Hello frnds manish here try to practice in front of mirror and when u practice see ur mouth fluctuation and when u speak in front of anybody try to imagine ur face and ur mind slowly ur mind will accept DATu r talking to urself so no worries.have patience.mirror is d only frnd which can help

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