Haklo’n ke Khiladi!! PART-2

Ha ha. haa…Hiee every one, again  mmmmyself A… A.. Atul Singh from Lucknow.
Thanks all of you for your valuable feedback, it was really overwhelming to
know that I managed to connect not only to special people (read PWS) like us
but also to few  normal people.  Not taking much time lets continue to my
story. Well after the Workshop in Herbertpur, all the way to Lucknow, was just
remembering what I learned these 3 days. 
I bounced to the ticket conductor while asking for ticket to Delhi.
Chatted to the girl on next seat with general questions like “how much time it
would take to Delhi”, “What will be the route” etc.  I observed that I was finding every possible
way to talk to other people. During those 3 days I unknowingly had talked too
much with other persons and that too without any hesitant and that was a pretty
new thing to a quiet soul like me. Before that I was pretty silent type of
person. Earlier I only speak when it’s utterly important and that too in very
short phrases. And this was a big change for me. Ya I learned Bouncing, I
learned Prolongation, gentle onset etc. I learned I can correct my block before
its coming (Pre-Block correction), while being in block (IN-Block correction)
and also after the block occurred (Post-Block correction). I learned Deep breathing;
I learned how to relax myself by moving my shoulders (like Michael Jackson
But one thing I learnt more, and that was the turning
point. I learnt to be myself. I learnt how to be Atul, the real Atul. The Atul
who is funny, the Atul who is confident, the Atul who is expressive, the Atul
who has answers to every question (even answers for other’s answers), the Atul who
is naughty, the Atul who is Flirty, and yes the Atul who was lost
somewhere-sometime in childhood. I discovered the Atul who doesn’t think what
others will think of his speech. “If they mind, let them do that’s their
 So I came back
Lucknow with a different mind-set and a different view towards this speaking
challenge. I remember I went to attend a business meeting straightway after
giving a competitive exam with examination centre 45 KM away, I somehow managed
to reach the venue for meeting just at time (actually I was 10 minutes late). I
knew I would be one of the audiences as that day the presentation was to be
given by one of my friend-cum-business partner. I was quite tired (also
suffering from viral infection), so just grabbed a seat 7 was ready for half an
hour presentation. But Soon I came to know that the friend who had to show the
presentation is not feeling well. As I was thinking “ok now the presentation
will be carried out by one of our seniors”, one of senior asked me “Atul why not
you show the presentation today” and I didn’t know how to react and in the flow
I said yes sir… And he stood-up went to the white board and conveyed all “Aaj
humare beech ek young, energetic aur ubharte hue business person Atul ji  aap logo k samaksh presentation prastut
karenge…… Welcome Atul ji!!” And in between all the claps & cheering ATUL
JI was like “OMG I have to give presentation now!!” I wasn’t prepared for it,
was very terrified at that moment. When I stood up from chair I was very
nervous, I thought I might stammer, I thought I will certainly stammer. All the
embarrassment incidents due to stammering came in my mind in fraction of
seconds. The stammering I had while my farewell party, the stammer I got while
oral test in class 5th, The stammer I had While giving Answers to my
project guide in BCA, the stammer I had while my first interview, the stammer I
had while explaining dad that why I don’t wanna do BDS & wanna Pursue
BCA-MCA instead…………………. But while all these i also thought of the workshop I
had few days before, and words of Sachin sir. Till that time I reached the
board, Picked up the marker with shivering hands and turned towards audience. I
know I have to do it now, the words of Sachin sir echoed in my mind “Enjoy
yourself, jab aap cheezo ko enjoy karoge to aap acche se kar paoge”. I turned
towards audiences, I showed my evergreen and super cute smile to them (I’m not
hifiing myelf, people say I have very cute smile B-) ) And then I started my
presentation, easily, calmly and more importantly in a very light hearted note.
I forgot that few peoples are very senior to me. I gave presentation as all
people seated in front are my friends…. In other words I can say that I became
relatively casual with them and that’s the crux. I demonstrated my presentation
very cool-ly, When I was about to go in block I just stop speaking and start
writing something on board, I was just drawing lines on board or underlining
words while speaking and emphasising on certain words. While I sense a block
will occur I simply stop speaking, smile from ear to ear and start
counter-questioning others in pre-text of knowing how much homework they did
before the meeting. I tried to make it interactive as much it could be and thus
I managed my stammer and also my fear to stammer while completing the
presentation which was exceptional according to others. But the best part was
not their praise but their happiness. Seeing your friends and dear ones being
happy for you for your efforts is simply priceless. I still remember after the
presentation one of my close friend came up to me, happiness was glowing from
the face and just said “So, the workshop worked??” and I was just smiling, I
really dint had words that time.
I’m not saying that I didn’t stammer now, actually my
stammering is as it was earlier. But the thinking that I should avoid
presentations, Demonstrations etc. is gone. So when I came back home and
analysed what the hell I did today, I was clear that from now onwards I have to
be like this only. Do whatever you like, but just BE HAPPY, BE COOL &
 Ok guys & gals
gonna call a pws from Allahabad. He can’t make it to this workshop & is now
contacting pws who attended it. This type of internal communication every now
& then helps a lot.In next Article I will tell about my efforts towards
Starting a SHG here in Lucknow &/or nearby cities and our mini SHG meets
with Pramod bhai here in Lucknow & with Akash bhai in Gonda.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

6 thoughts on “Haklo’n ke Khiladi!! PART-2


    (September 18, 2014 - 11:41 am)

    Get me four such khiladis and I will take on Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona – all rolled in one team- any day, any where…!
    Looking forward to third match…


    (September 18, 2014 - 12:36 pm)

    Wonderful.. you are upbeat and facing challenges head-on.. Kudos to you..


    (September 18, 2014 - 3:04 pm)

    Three days can change only attitude. And that seems to be the crux of your story. It proves that recovery from stammering is not as difficult as made out by the world..
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    (September 18, 2014 - 5:21 pm)

    congrats Mr.Atul for nice write up


    (September 19, 2014 - 2:57 pm)

    Inspiring nd motivational….keep it up….


    (September 20, 2014 - 5:21 am)

    Thanx every1, Its really very inspiring

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