Live from Eden Bagh

                     Hello my fellow companions of this
beautiful journey called life. I wish you were as good as me or better than me. I think forth year life is an
oxymoron state being stressful and enjoyable at the same time.  Our going to travel is a good thing but Campus
placement are sure a stress-booster. Similar was the condition of mine when I e-mailed Dr. Sachin seeking for a
solution. He asked me to come to Herbertpur. So here am I.

                       I arrived Dehradun at 4 in the
morning. Sun was still in his bed But life has waken up on the streets of Dehradun.
I took the bus for Hebertpur and seated there. I was terrified inside because H
is a word which comes under the most horrifying category for me. I decided to ignore
the thought and enjoy the view. So when the conductor asked me I said “L L Le
Le Lehman hospital”. It was a relief. After that I reached there and called Sachin sir.
He asked me to come to his house. Where I got to meet his wife who is a sweet lady and
also a very good communicator. We (me and Sachin sir) chit-chatted for some time,
drank coffee made by him, He told me to use bouncing now as our work stats now
and told me the necessity of listening. I tried bouncing but tiredness was my king
that time and not letting me do it properly so Sachin sir suggested me to go to
my room and rest.
                    I woke up at 1pm and went to have some
food. After eating food I was told by sir to go to Mr Ram prataap and ask him
about the history of Eden bagh. I talked to the old man and collected all the
facts I could. Later in the evening I was told by sir to give my introduction
in the Lehman hospital hall which is called the examination room for stammerers
by Sachin sir. Sachin sir recorded my intro and told me to watch it, I as an
obedient student did it. “This was the time I realized the power of recording
yourself. Sure I have done my recording but never dared to watch it. In the
past time whenever I recorded and tried to watch, something always stopped me. Something
was telling me that there, I would find something which I will not like. But today
when I watched it and again gave the intro. I found the difference at once.
Thus Sachin sir told me the effect of practicing a thing. He told me that some
people fear that they will stammer more if they become conscious by practicing
anything but I would like to say that by practice although you stammer in your
voice, you will not “stammer” in your mind”.
                       After that I gave my speech about
Eden bagh. This time Sachin sir told me to do it with looking only at the
audience as I was watching in my dairy again and again. So I tried this also
and came to know that when you look directly to the audience you look better. Second
time I was told to speak a bit faster as I was talking at a speed which is not
normal for daily use so that I can expand my circle of possibilities . I was
surprised to see that I can speak in a more communicative way with using
bouncing sometime. After that we went to evening walk where Sachin sir told me
to find my own ways to pronounce long or difficult words. You see, training my
mind to work according to me.
                       “A very good example was told by Sachin
sir that when we drive our vehicle, we do not keep our speed constant on both ‘highway
and crowdy places’. We drive slowly when we are having blocks and a good speed
on highways where there is less blocks. ”
                       After watching chai
Bagan we returned to our places. I went to have food and Sachin sir to his
home. Thus another day passed but passed very efficiently. Next destination is
Dehradun “tomorrow”.

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  1. abhishek 6 years ago

    Great write-up… waiting for next day..

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Shobhit! We need to revisit, review, recapitulate the lessons learned day after day. Writing it down is one way of doing it. Good analysis… Keep it up.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Very well written write up with random insertion of funny punches to make it interesting…you used a few very good words which will surely help me richer my vocabulary.So, i am surely going to read all your posts here.A little more emphasis on spell checks will surely improve the quality of content a lot.

  4. admin 6 years ago

    good one shobhit…….


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