Aligarh Self Help Group Meeting

meeting report-21sept 2014

Meeting started at 10am in naqvi
park. This is best place for meeting, many people walking in the park. There
were eight members hemant chaudhary, yetendra, ankit saini, shubham, lauvish,
firdous and me(sikandar), In which lauvish is a new member. He had come with his

Meeting Activity:

1.    Watching
video- acceptance(by sachin sir)
2.    Introduction
3.    Remind
4.    Discussion
on acceptance
5.    Fun
activity with pausing tech
6.    Ice
breaking speech
7.    Feed back

First of all, we saw some videos (by sachin sir) of tisa.
Second round was self introduction. In third activity, we reminded speech technique
and most important thing was discussion on acceptance. After that, we did a fun
activity using pausing technique with answer after eating biscuits. Saifin, a
child member own in this activity. In fifth round, that was ice breaking
speech to leave the emotional attachment from stammering.
Last round feedback, every one gave
positive feedback to each

We enjoyed a lot………and took promise
to stammer freely without fear, shame and guilt.

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Good job Sikandar!
    Nothing happens overnight. It is a slow process. We just have to make sure that we are moving in the right direction: becoming free of shame, fear and guilt.


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