Live from Eden Bagh DAY 3

A little
information for everybody.
Did you know
that Einstein was alive before he died?
Thank you everybody. No claps please.
Ha Ha. Apart from jokes, let me tell you what I
learned today.
1.      Same lesson again: Do practice. It’s
the best way.
2.      Bouncing is a good way to fill the
long inappropriate pause we usually take. Instead of showing the struggle, just
3.      Your posture decides the audience’s
response. If you are smiling, your audience will also smile. But if you are
standing strained, audience will judge you negatively.
4.      The more I am talking to people the
more I am coming to understand that they are also eager to talk to you.
5.      Practice any martial art every day. It
will make you disciplined as well as fit.
6.      Writing blog is also a good activity.
It recalls everything you did.
7.      Don’t eat chicken in Vikasnagar. It’s
not good at all.
                 So in brief, we started at 10AM in Anugrah today. I introduced myself to
the staff of the anugrah and then to some class students. The more time I did
my intro, I started to feel relax and comfortable. Then we went to OPD where firstly
I gave my introduction and then enlightened them about blood donation. Then sir
told me to go and practice in public. First I was afraid but then I thought that
abhi nhi to kabhi nhi. So I decided to go to Vikasnagar. I talked to several
people. When I was coming back, I decided not to take auto but lift from some
bike. After 2 or 3 attempts one uncle gave me a ride and I asked him about him.
Then I realized that people are in need of talk. So it is good sometime to talk
to a stranger about him. I don’t know but I think it leaves a smiling mark on them.
                After that I was really
tired so I decided to go n sleep. Because I knew in evening Sachin sir n I am
going to have a “shui”. It’s a practice fight between two martial artists (Although
I am an amateur. But it feels good to say yourself a martial artist). I would
like to highlight that Kamal sir is stronger than most of the people I know.
So after that in evening we practiced. I would like to highlight that Sachin sir
is stronger than most of the people I know. And then like every day. Sun went
to warm some other places and we also to enjoy our night.
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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    I will keep in mind that chicken thing… Thank you!


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