My Stuttering Interview

Went to Delhi to face the interview at one of the companies.I felt comfortable and confident while stuttering also on certain words.When asked by the interviewer to ask anything related to the company or its policies.I simply asked “Will u consider stuttering as a factor to evaluate me”, they said you are speaking well and I actually shouldn’t bother too much about it. ” They said they want the things simply done( with or without stammering, no issue). I felt a lot relieved and now more determined to actually face my personal demon.

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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    What you deacribe here is typical. It is true in over 98% of cases. Pws should realise this. 2% is the freak chance and happens to every one, stammering or not..
    Thanks Karan for sharing …

  2. admin 5 years ago

    Great Navneet!!

  3. abhishek 5 years ago

    You have already pushed the barriers to periphery,, and pushed acceptance implementation many notches higher:)


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