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“…There is a growing movement among activist adults with autism and
Asperger syndrome who don’t think in terms of ‘curing’ a disorder but
instead of celebrating difference. Although this page has been written
primarily for the parents of newly-diagnosed children, it may be helpful
to note the viewpoints of some adults with autism spectrum disorders,
who don’t think in terms of ‘curing’ a disorder but instead of
celebrating difference. (In fact, people with a desire to cure autism
are sometimes known by adults on the spectrum as ‘curebies’.) Please
take time to read their viewpoints below. (link)

Autism Friends Network
“We know that autism is not a disease, and we oppose any attempts to
‘cure’ someone of an autism spectrum condition, or any attempts to make
them ‘normal’ against their will.”…

 The above is from home page of Does it sound familiar?
I had a visit from a friend who has a close relative, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He casually mentioned: There has been a focus on cure so far but now they are talking about managing it and preventing it. They are educating relatives and common public about it. I did a google for “Cure for Alzheimer” and found that he was correct… 

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  1. Sanjib Kumar Talukdar 5 years ago

    Thank u Sachin Sir for sharing this article.This will go a long way for our PWS community for celebrating our own difference.


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