National Conference 2014 Pune: Thank you!!!

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Please click to register on this Registration Form

Hotel Charges: There is no fee for registration in the NC at Pune 2014. There are just the hotel charges of Rs. 2750/- per participant which covers 2 nights and 3 days of stay in Zara Resort at Khandala, Pune. These charges are including of accommodation and food from Oct 3 (11am) till Oct 5 (2pm) including all taxes.
Note: Please do not try to book hotel on your own. All the rooms are blocked by NC team.

Thank you to for booking your seats:-

Full Name City
Virendra Shirse and Pratibha (non PWS) Pune
Sachin Srivastava Dehradun
Nishant Athavwale Amrawati
Amitsingh Kushwah Satna
Dhruv Gupta Mumbai
Avi Mane Nagpur
Rahil Ranka Pune
Raghvendra Rao Pune
Sanjeet Khanuja Pune
Vishal Yeole Pune
Viren Gandhi Mumbai
Amol Karale Pune
Mitul Panchal and his parents (Non PWS) Pune
Vishal Gupta Ghaziabad
Harish Usgaonker Madgaon
Manish Upadhyay Wardha
Umesh Rawat Palwal
Vikas Ranga Goa
Sachin Kamble Pune
Rajesh Kenkre Goa
Aditya Yadav Mumbai
Nishil Shetty Bangalore
Dinesh Singh Bangalore
Sergey Bangalore
Gaurav Dubey Mumbai
Kevin D’Souza Mumbai
Karan Bagga Kanpur
Kushal Batabyal Kolkata
Keshaw raj Jaunpur
Kavish Jayanthinathan Mumbai
Shivajith and his Wife (non PWS) Bangalore
shubham sharma delhi
Prabhakar Rawat Gurgaon
Jagbir Singh Delhi
sandeep kumar tripathi chittorgarh
Rajat vind Surat
Reuben Schuff USA
Santosh Kamble Mumbai
Dnyanesh Kenkare Goa
Srinivas Basutkar Mumbai
Laukik Deshpande Thane
Mandar Bhate Pune
Kamal Yadav Mumbai
Venkatesh pune
Jasbir Singh Chandigarh
M. Prem Kumar Vijaywada
Sanjay Barmeda Baroda
Rameshbabu Ginela Hyderabad
Vinod Gaikwad Mumbai
Pradeep Khetal Mumbai
shilpa sagwal mumbai
prajyot mayekar mapusa
Harshanand Meshram Pune
Rakesh jaiswal Faizabad
Akhil Ranwan Pune
Ningappa Naregal shimogga
Rajendra Mirje Belgaum
Shyam Sunder Makrana
Jacquelyn Revere USA
Preetam Barman Patna
rahul kumar simdega
Dinesh Mane Pune
Ashish Lakra new delhi
Vinay M N Bangalore
mitesh majethiya patan
Tarak Goradia Bangalore
Amar Biradar Bidar
kiran patil pune
Abhinav Bakshi Pune
Anup Thakare Pune
Zahabiya Tambawala Mumbai
Prachi Dubey Mumbai
Akshay Darvandar Kalyan
nikhil pardhe mumbai
Navneet Mishra Kanpur
Gaurav Medatwal Delhi
Suraj Kumar Bangalore
Amrit singh kolkata
Tanveer Ahmed Khan Bangalore
Pramod Maurya Lucknow
Prabhat Tiwari Pune
Sagar Pandit Pune
Rahul Sharma Pune
Pranjal Banerjee Pune
Bharat Soni Mumbai
Momodu Rashidat Delhi
Avinash kr gupta darbhanga
Ram vind (non PWS) Surat
Utkarsh Tripathi Kanpur
Father of Utkarsh Tripathi (non PWS) Kanpur
Avinash Pandey Delhi
Akash Dixit Bangalore
Ghanshyam Amrutkar Dhule
Priyanka Srivastava (non PWS) Mumbai
Gaurav Datta Pune
Satish Kumar Ambala
Kapil Dev Chandigarh

NC Introduction: National conference has become an annual feature of our community. It offers a chance to meet new friends, discuss new developments about stammering and its management, share our achievements, concerns, and above all, to celebrate our uniqueness in a community, which accepts us as we are…

Past NCs: This
year, Pune SHG has volunteered to organize it. Going by
the past NCs, we are sure that these three days can definitely change
the way you look at stammering, communication, career, friendship,
life and its purpose. (Just look at past NCs: 2013
, 2013
, 2012
, 2012
pdf report
, 2012
video playlist
by Mukul
TISA is a community first and foremost. Whatever we do, acquires meaning,
only when YOU participate in it. So, please join, contribute,
register. Please, invite your family members, friends as well. A
family which understands stammering can be the biggest support. Let
women too participate, since no change is complete without women’s
participation and their blessings.

large scale group events like NC, depends on meticulous planning well
in advance, we request you to please register early, so that we can
serve you the best. Here are some details about NC, which are being
Oct 3 to Oct 5 (Friday to Sunday).
Venue: Khandala (6kms from Lonavala) – between Pune/Mumbai. Zara
resort has a conference hall which can accommodate 150 people. It
is very close to the hill station. This place is at Khandala, 6kms
from Lonavala bus station or railway station. 
Khandala is the same place which this famous song was recorded. Aati Kya Khandala..
NC plan for 3 days as follows (detailed agenda ;
get back to Akhil for feedback

we will offer something to everyone’s taste and needs, by running
parallel sessions and as in the past NCs, everyone will have a chance
to speak. At the end of the day, fun with learning will be our motto.
A child and women friendly atmosphere will be guaranteed by all of us
– participants as well as organisers.
Accommodation: 4 people in each room. The cost for each participant will be Rs.
2750, this includes stay for two nights and food for two days and
lunch on 3rd day. This is including all taxes.
Female PWS: We have made arrangements to accommodate female PWS and blocked two separate rooms for them to accommodate 8 PWS. If we need more seats then we will increase the number of rooms and if we have less participants then also the registration charge of Rs.2750/- will not change.

Non PWS: We would like to encourage non stammerers (parents/brothers/sisters/spouses) to attend the NC. More than anyone else PWS needs support from family, so this NC gives platform to understand the challenges faced by PWS not only to individual but also their close relatives. So do encourage your family members to attend this life changing event.

Self arrangements: if you wish to make your own arrangements for board and lodge, you are welcome but still register, so that we will know, how many participants will be there in the conference hall. But please note the lunch or dinner will cost Rs. 350 each time. So if you just want to attend without accommodation then the total cost will be:Rs.2150/- Lunch for 3 days: 1050 and Dinner for 2 days: 700 and Snacks and Tea for 2 days: 400. We have negotiated with hotel having food, accommodation, and conference hall. Hence the registration cost will be cheaper with accommodation. 

Refund: we encourage you to register early. If you cant come at the last minute, don’t worry, we will refund 90% till 30th September provided you register before Aug 5.  You will also have option to sponsor some other deserving participant with your fee, in case you can not come.

to Register: 
Please click on this link to register: NC Registration Form

fee deposited – how (bank transfer/ bank draft/ by cash to SHG
in past, all the collections, expenditure and balance will be shared
on our blog after the event.
you still have any question or concern? If so feel free to get
back to me or my colleagues – . Amol, Rahil and Gorav ( .
Transportation Details for Lonavala (LNL)

Khandala is 6kms from Lonavala bus / railway station. Rs.100 might be charged to reach this place from Lonavala by rickshaw, which 3 people can share among them. You can directly come to Lonavala by train. The train station code is LNL. You can come to Pune or Mumbai and then take trains to Lonavala. There are plenty of buses/trains which go via Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune. Lonavala is 2 hours from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune. Please call Aftab or Amol for any transport queries. Aftab : +91-9860914375  Amol : +91-9763951322

Virendra, Sachin and all the volunteers.. contact at

Venue Photos (

Additionally you can visit on this link for more photos of venue….


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  1. Stammer Freely 6 years ago

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing even I eager to join NC 🙂 and Virendra sir I am ready to work for NC in my spar e time. thank you !!!!! I think 15, 16 and 17th Aug would be good

  2. Vishal Gupta 6 years ago

    correction :: I am eager*

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Awesome 🙂 I am in 🙂

  4. admin 5 years ago

    I'm coming

  5. Sachin 5 years ago

    Me too !

  6. admin 5 years ago

    I am In… 🙂 🙂

  7. Ganesh wagh 5 years ago

    I am in.

  8. avinash mane 5 years ago

    Me Too

  9. Amit Dixshit 5 years ago

    Fees increasing every year… this time it tripled. 🙁

  10. admin 5 years ago

    As this is this a resort the charges Rs. 3000/- are the minimum we can get having 2 nights stay and food for 3 days, including conference hall. We have checked on multiple places and this is best place which is close to nature, have good amenities and also I feel it fits in our budget.

  11. Sachin 5 years ago

    Had a chat with Amit.I think this is the best bargain we can get at this time and place..Deserving students / participants can always be helped and they should get in touch with organisers asap without hesitation.
    Let us make his a tradition – meeting once a year in some nice and new place..

  12. admin 5 years ago

    Nice opportunity to meet our extended famiy.
    I will join.
    All the best.

  13. admin 5 years ago

    WOW!Very elaborate write-up. Thanks Virendra and your team.

  14. Sachin 5 years ago

    Mai to aati hai…

  15. admin 5 years ago


  16. admin 5 years ago

    Yes. I will also attend the NC.

  17. Srinuvasan G 5 years ago

    Hi Friends,

    I missed to register in NC !! How to will come to attend the NC.. Pls advise by Srinu from Chennai..

  18. admin 5 years ago

    @Srinuvasan G

    You can still register there are few seats remaining.

    Just call any number mention on blog

  19. admin 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra please update the registration list. I do not see my name there.

    Jasbir Singh,

  20. admin 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra please update the registration list. I do not see my name there.

    Jasbir Singh,

  21. admin 5 years ago

    Dear Virendra please update the registration list. I do not see my name there.

    Jasbir Singh,

  22. Mandar 5 years ago

    Nice location for our NC. I am in.
    –Mandar Bhate

  23. Sachin 5 years ago

    Now, we should start finalising agenda and methodology…. Subgroups, facilitators etc. Etc

  24. admin 5 years ago

    Take a look at the NC Trailer video. Thanks a lot Pune SHG and Thanks a lot Abhinav for creating this. Great job!!!

  25. admin 5 years ago

    We have 79 registration as of Sep 8. So I am booking 5 more rooms to accommodate 20 more people. I would need the confirmations. So those interested can email and send money.

  26. admin 5 years ago

    Did you guys get volunteers for blogging?

  27. Sachin 5 years ago

    It is a community blog-so, yes, volunteers contribute…

  28. admin 5 years ago

    No. I didn't mean that. I should have been more clearer- The NC agenda says you are looking for volunteers to blog about the event. Did you get any?

  29. admin 5 years ago

    Thanks Tanveer for your help. I will coordinate with you if needed.

  30. admin 5 years ago

    I always knew we were gonna cross the two digit barrier. That calls for a celebration 😉
    *** Congrats TISA Pune ***

  31. Sachin 5 years ago

    From Mumbai – Viren.
    I would be leaving tomorrow by car early in morning by 7 or 8.  I was wondering if any one can join me.  Pls email me or contact me on whatsapp / sms 9833662068 if we can work out something.  I live at Sion so my route will be Sion-Chembur-Mankhurd to Express Way.

    Viren Gandhi

  32. admin 5 years ago

    Missed this event !!! 🙁


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