NC Day 2

A hectic day! Lot of things were happening all around. Rahul Puntambekar of Sri Ram Chandra Mission (HQ at Chennai) shared his thoughts on role of meditation in life. Some of the prominent ideas discussed was: stammering is a difficulty, not an obstacle or disease. A temporary difficulty at that.
Solution always lies with in the difficulty itself.
The meditation is meant to regulate / discipline our mind.
Spiritual instruction should always be free – free of barter, commerce.
There are many paths to Self realization – the only requirement is a spirit of adventure and sincerity.
Thereafter, we divided in subgroups and did a variety of things. After lunch two groups went on a train ride and one group went to local market- talking, spreading awareness, challenging ourselves – and our listeners… We set Khandala on fire with our enthu!
Later, more of open mic session, debriefing etc..
BTW girls are doing amazingly well. Parents who have come with pws also are learning a lot..

Post Author: Sachin