Now a days in our college we are going through the B.tech project Presentations.
Today my group has to give the presentation.
I prepared well for the presentation and everything was fine just before the presentation…but
As soon as i have started the presentation ….becoz of the fear of speaking each word correctly i got severe stammaring…!!!
The Panel professors didn’t gave mee chance to speak infact they told mee to move to next slide as i’m taking much more time …becoz of stammering.. 🙁
But Panel professors are keep asking mee question and i’m giving them answer but it takes lot of time for words to come out….ultimately i stammered a lot..!!!
I feel much depressed….becoz i know everything in that presentation was not able to clearly present before them..and not able to give the satisfactory question…. 🙁

My friends are also dissappointed becoz of me  their marks of presentation will also be deducted…!!!
I feel very bad….!!!

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (October 11, 2014 - 1:46 am)

    Get up and do something about it..


    (October 11, 2014 - 3:34 am)

    It happens with we pws. Our days are not consistent at times. After coming across Tisa we already know the course of action( acceptance, techniques). Just follow Sachin sir's above advice..


    (October 11, 2014 - 6:08 am)

    Don't lose hope…do something & keep trying…you can do it.
    All the Best


    (October 11, 2014 - 7:11 am)

    Hi mukesh,Good that you shared with us.
    From the next time,rehearse the presentation(full if it is less than 15 min,half if it is greater than 15 min)before some 5-7 fellows/juniors.Tell them that you are also ready to hear their presentation if they ask to,thus helping each other in improving confidence level,flow of speech when done before the panel of professors.
    Meditate on 'moments when you spoke well in the class or with a friend' and rejoice the moment for some 5 min everytime you go for a presentation.
    Everything will be alright.


    (October 11, 2014 - 12:40 pm)

    Hi Mukesh,
    I suggest you a holistic approach in this situation.
    1) Write down what are all your feelings in mind when you were giving presentation on that day.
    2) Write every feeling and what all was happening in mind at that time.
    Think why you might have feared. One thing is always there i.e fear of stammering but in addition to this there will be another fear which is not because of stammering. Once i spoke to India's 2nd biggest IT MNC's country head and he said he is not a PWS but still he is feared of speaking out in meetings.
    3) After finishing writing just go through the whole write up.
    4) Analyze them whether are you acting on fear just because you stammer or are you acting on fear because of stammering and something else in addition.
    5) You will get to know what is that something else part of fear apart from stammering fear.
    6) Try to nullify that. Once you nullify that then the only left out fear is fear of stammering.
    Generally it is very less compared to other fear. It is OK if we stammer at times. I suggest you to do voluntary stuttering a lot for this whole week.
    7) Usually the other fear could be lack of preparation or a thought not to become a targeting eye of others in the light of stammering. Please note that some people can have great content in mind in bits and pieces but they shall rehearse many times to get that out as a master piece.
    8)In your case i believe you didn't rehearse many times. Sorry if you did.
    9) Do it 100 times !!! Not sufficient ? Then do it 1000 times !!!!!, what i mean to say is the rehearsal should be such an intense that next time you are on strike you shall feel it as simple as you breathing air.
    10) This will ease your tensions and fears.
    11) Even i faced same situation in my presentation and i cried after it 🙂
    12) Please always keep in mind it is OK to stammer. If you allow it by its own that could impact your speech to a very small extent but if you stammer with fear then that will make our speech worse so try to stammer without fear i.e without difficulty.
    13) And now if i look back and think about my presentation which i mentioned i laugh myself and say why did i stammer a lot and why did i felt so much fear. I bet that even one day you will also look at this past presentation of yours and laugh thinking why did i fear much. You know why ? Because you are in the hands of TISA. Once you step here i bet you will not be the same as yesterday. Day by day you will step into confidence path.
    14)Take proper breathing while you speak…Maintain slow in speaking…at your comfortable pace..I know that you know all these above what we discussed but still wanted remind you…Practice practice and practice…You will succeed for sure !
    I hope you will do your best in coming presentation.
    Few facts always to keep in mind:
    I know PWS who earn more than 50 Lakhs per year and that is not because of stammering its because of their smart work.
    So we can do best even with stammering. Only need of hour is just change the perspective of viewing stammering through eyes of TISA!
    Just for a change think in mind and analyze this statement…
    How do you feel in mind if you stammer without fear ? Stammering with fear is what makes things worst and stammering without fear is what makes a big difference…
    Take care dear..


    (October 14, 2014 - 8:37 am)

    Its ok Dear.. It happens.. This presentation is not last and marks are not everything dear. You are much talented and capable than this small situation. Please let me know for any help

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